Coronovirus Update

We at CrossFit Fury are doing our part to aid in slowing the spreading of CV19 while also enabling our athletes to maintain good health.

Effective March 21, 2020, CrossFit Fury’s physical location is closed but we are providing our members with a variety of alternative options including park workouts with a coach, at home programming, and equipment rentals along with corresponding programming.  

These HomeWODs  include Bodyweight, Dumbbell and No Equipment workouts that allow you to work out from home, at a park, and as a family. In addition, check out the Equipment Tab on the FuryStrong page for details on how you can check out equipment to supplement your at home workouts.


Sign up to join a Fury Coach led Park workout, offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Family Fitness

Fury offers Youth and Adult Programs and childcare allowing the whole family to get stronger and stay active!

Nutrition 101

We value healthy nutrition in addition to exercises for complete focus on improving health and combating metabolic diseases.

Group Training

Fury customizes training to fit your corporate or athletic team. Training together strengthens body, mind and relationships – learn how we can help your team grow.

CrossFit Health

CrossFit is famous for it’s rigorous workouts and athletic competitions. More importantly than that, CrossFit is leading the way by uniting physicians and coaches and providing leadership to affiliates around the state and county with this program.


Community Development

CrossFit Fury is invested in our community, here in Goodyear, Arizona. It’s our vision that we, as a business and as a greater community, can contribute to a bright and healthy future.