Aloha! I’m Summer and my passions are traveling the world, yoga, and flying helicopters. I discovered yoga about 4 years ago through my dance minor at UC San Diego. I often felt mentally blocked in choreography classes and couldn’t find balance and core strength to get where my teachers expected me to be. Then I found yoga and it changed so many aspects of my life, not only in my dance world, but everywhere in my life. I felt more at peace mentally and was letting go of the need to compete with everything crossing my path. The more I practiced yoga, the more strength I built physically and mentally and I started discovering new edges and places I never thought my mind and body were capable of. I continued my practice while living in Los Angeles and Seattle, hoping to take a yoga teacher training in order to share my new discovered love – yoga. Finally, the yogi stars aligned and I completed my training at Life Power Yoga in Phoenix. I teach Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Meditation, and am currently working on teaching Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga. I look forward to sharing my love for yoga, nutrition, and a healthier life style, and guiding people to discover the best version of themselves, both mind and body. Light & Love, Namaste