PeterOccupation: Owner and Coach

Contact via Email or Phone 623.824.2343

Peter started CrossFit in January 2007 while studying physics in college. After competing in the 2007 and 2008 CrossFit Games in Aromas, California Peter dedicated himself to opening an affiliate so that he and others could train for future CrossFit Games. In October of 2008, CrossFit Fury opened its doors and since then Peter has competed in the 2009 and 2010 CrossFit Games. He coached the affiliate team “the Bomb Squad” at the 2011 CrossFit Games. In 2012, Peter was a member of “the Bomb Squad” at the CrossFit Games, where they placed 17th.

Athletics has always played an interesting role in Peter’s life. Through his youth he participated in many youth sports and in high school he took up football and weightlifting. After a knee injury during his junior year in high school, Peter’s choices and direction in life took a turn for the worse. After two years of personal battles and a third year of lost freedom he snapped out of his downward spiral, changed his surroundings and his state of mind. At this time Peter moved to the west valley, started college and the rest is history.

Since these changes, Peter has dedicated himself to building a healthy and fit community centered in and around Goodyear, Arizona. Peter has partnered with local non-profits helping to promote better living and healthy activities within the community, as well as, partnerships with local businesses to increase availability of healthy eating choices. Fury has hosted many fundraisers in this same time period benefiting families of fallen officers and children facing serious or terminal illnesses. In 2012, Peter created the Breathe Later Foundation so that we could better help those in need and provide our services to at risk youth. The prevention and treatment of obesity and its related metabolic diseases is Peter’s passion and he is committed to doing his part to make a difference.