Brandi Kalafat


Brandi discovered her love for Crossfit in 2010. Being a former high school athlete and an all around daredevil, Brandi enjoyed the exciting and competitive atmosphere that Fury had to offer. However, it was the community that truly kept Brandi coming back each day despite sore muscles and grueling WODS. After training at Fury for a few years, Brandi received her Level 1 Certification in 2013 and began coaching. She later earned her Level 2 Certification. She is always willing to help members out; she may even see your potential before you do, so don’t be surprised when pushes you to put more weight on the bar or fight for one more rep. Aside from coaching at Fury, Brandi participates in local competitions and races. Brandi is very family oriented and loves being active with her family and friends. She and her family have even coerced a group of their friends into taking on such challenges as hiking 26 miles in one day and running a 5k every Sunday for “fun”! Through her encouraging words, crazy dance moves and hilarious stories, Brandi truly embodies the heart of the community at CrossFit Fury.