Youth Fitness

Fury PE | Student Athlete

Fury recognizes the importance of developing healthy habits early. 

Currently 2 classes are offered for youth ages 5-17. Looking for childcare? Check out our childcare page for details. 

Fury PE (Ages 5-12) makes fitness fun while teaching foundational skills, movements and goal setting.

Student Athlete (Ages 12-17) offers a CrossFit-based strength and conditioning program for middle and high school athletes, designed to prepare your child to excel in high school, club and college athletics. 

Youth Schedule

Youth Unlimited

$100/month (Individual)
$75/month (+Siblings)

Unlimited access to all Student Athlete & Adult Fitness classes

(maximum family out of pocket of $405/month)

Youth Fury PE

$90/month (Individual)
$65/month (+Siblings)

Access to all Youth Fury PE.

(maximum family out of pocket $405/month)

Youth Punch Card

$115/10 visits

Click here to purchase a punch card for access to all YOUTH classes only. Includes Student Athlete and Fury PE. 

Expires 6 months from purchase.