At Crossfit Fury we want to provide everyone to have the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With generous help from Desert Valley Pediatrics, we offer a fantastic childcare center complete with a staff who work hard to care for your children while you work out. Childcare is available weekdays 8am-10am & 3:30pm-6:30pm on the hour. At this time childcare is limited to 5 spots for ages 5 and older and 5 spots for children under 5. Please use the waitlist option if classes are full so we can arrange additional daycare to fit your needs. 

Monthly Rate*: $20/1 child, $30/2 children, $40/3+ children
Drop-in Rates: $4/child
*Childcare billing will coincide with parent’s 4 week membership bill date. 

Sick Policies
We care about ALL of the children and adults who enter our childcare. Taking measures for virus and particularly the COVID19 virus we ask that you keep your child at home in the event of cough, fever, vomiting/diarrhea, rash, or general illness. We reserve the right to ask you to take your child home if they appear unwell in order to protect all members of the gym and daycare.