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Whatever your motivation – a passion for fitness, desire to reverse disease or event training for example, CrossFit Fury can help guide your individual path to the best health of your life. Our group classes are structured for athletes of all fitness levels to master the fundamentals. Our combination of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching provides the ultimate return on investment for your health.

Monthly memberships include unlimited access to all classes. 

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Childcare Offered during most classes


CrossFit classes are demanding workouts that can be modified to accommodate any age and fitness level. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, we’ll make sure you know the basics of general conditioning, strength and bodyweight training.


Masters classes are great for individuals with limitations or no prior history with exercise. Emphasis is placed on balance and regaining any lost abilities. Fury’s Masters program employs effective scaling and substitution strategies to help athletes improve their health and wellness. 


Fury Powerlifting is a great program to bolster your CrossFit training and/or build strength. Do you love bench press, squat and deadlifts? These are your people. 

Classes meet Mon/Wed/Fri at 5:30pm.

Membership available individually or included in Unlimited Membership.

Olympic Weightlifting

Fury’s Olympic Weightlifting class focuses on the technical lifts including Cleans and Snatch. Put some time into improving these tricky lifts.

Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am and Saturdays at 10:00am.