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Whether you share our passion for fitness, need to reverse disease or are training for a life adventure, CrossFit Fury can help you. From our core CrossFit classes (Basics, CrossFit and Masters) to individual nutrition coaching, as well as Endurance, Barbell, Yoga and Powerlifting classes, we guide your individual path to the best health of your life. Our group classes are structured in progressive levels allowing you to start at any fitness level and master the fundamentals. Our combination of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching provides the ultimate return on investment for your health.

Monthly memberships include unlimited access to all classes, including Barbell, Powerlifting, Endurance and Yoga. Scroll down to find out more about our class offerings ⇓.

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Childcare Offered during most classes


Basics is our starter class. Whether you are experienced or just beginning, we’ll make sure you know the basics of general conditioning, strength and bodyweight training.


CrossFit has demanding workouts that challenge athletes to push their limits. Athletes must be approved before joining.  


Masters classes are great for individuals with limitations or no prior history with exercise. Emphasis is placed on balance and regaining any lost abilities.


Fury Barbell started off as a “Club” in 2018 but it’s popularity quickly took on strength and the “club” became a regularly scheduled class. Come ready to put in the work!

Barbell classes alternate time slots with Endurance on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  


Fury Endurance began with a few athletes meeting up once a week for cardio-centric workouts in an effort to build up their endurance. It didn’t take long before Fury decided to run with it and it became a regularly scheduled class. 

Endurance classes alternate times with Barbell on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


Fury Power Flow Yoga is a perfect mix of cardio, strength and endurance, this class will challenge you, push you to your edge and show you how amazing you already are. Using the vinyasa technique of connecting breath with movement, you’ll improve flexibility, range of motion and balance. Join your Fury Yoga Tribe. You belong here.

Currently meeting Tuesdays, Thursday and *new* Saturday mornings!


Fury Powerlifting is our most recent class addition. Do you love bench press, squat and deadlifts? These are your people. 

Currently classes meet on Thursdays and Saturdays.