Adult Fitness

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Class Types


Entry level class designed to implement general conditioning, basic strength and bodyweight training.


Demanding workouts that challenge athletes to push their limits. Athletes must be approved before joining.


Great for individuals with limitations or no prior history with exercising. Emphasis placed on balance and regaining any lost abilities.

Our Yoga, Barbell and Endurance classes are open to everyone!

Membership Plans

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Our base membership includes unlimited group fitness classes and coaching.


All benefits of RX plan PLUS monthly personal coaching for meal plans or individualized programming.


Top of the line membership with all the benefits of PRO plan PLUS monthly coaching for meal plans and programming, weekly one on one and biometrics with physician review.

Payment options – Autopay, Prepay, Daily or Punch Card.
join us for $15/visit or $25/visit + a FURY shirt.

Membership Plans and Pricing Options

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*Rx is our base membership that includes a variety of group fitness classes and additionally includes "Lifestyle" coaching on the basics of nutrition, recovery, community and health and fitness.


* Fury's "PRO" program is designed to help you get ahead. It includes the same benefits of the RX plan plus choose ONE personal coaching session per month that could include personal training, nutrition counseling, personal programming, etc.


* "ELITE" is our top of the line membership which will truly set you apart from the competition. It includes the same benefits of the PRO plan plus regular personal health screenings and assessments 


Monthly Autopay: $135

Prepay 4 months: $500

Punch Card  (10 visits):  $130

Daily: $15

Monthly Autopay: $225

Prepay 4 months: $850

Customized for you

Individual, couple or family plans available.


Monthly Autopay: $250

Prepay 4 months: $920

Punch Card  (20 visits):  $240

Monthly Autopay: $425

Prepay 4 months: $1530

Stop by the front desk or contact CrossFit Fury at 623-932-4338 and let us create a tailor-made plan just for you.


(3 Adult Memberships.)

Monthly Autopay: $345

Prepay 4 months: $1260

Family Punch Card  (30 visits):  $330

Contact CrossFit Fury to discuss signing up for a PRO Family membership

Personal Training varies, averaging $60/session.

*Please note: All monthly memberships require a 30day notice to cancel or you may freeze your membership for up to 6 months. No refunds.