Getting Started

One of the hardest parts of lifestyle changes is the first step. Once you have some momentum behind you things will get easier. Here is a page dedicated to elaborating the methods behind our training. Whether you are a member at Fury, another CrossFit affiliate or train from home, we hope this information can help you and your family live healthier lives.

Off the carbs and off the couch, the rest is easy after that!

What is Fitness and how do we measure changes in fitness?

At Crossfit Fury, we view fitness as an individual’s ability to do work across broad time domains and movement modalities. Your fitness depends on your overall strength, your ability to move your body and how well you can sustain long duration efforts.

We believe there are 3 standards of fitness:

Balance of Physical Traits.

There are 10 recognized physical traits of all individuals:

Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility.
These traits are physical adaptations due to repeated stress/stimulus

Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, Balance.
These are neurological traits that are trained through practice.

Power and Speed.
These traits require both physical and neurological adaptations.

Balance of  Energy.

We have 3 main energy pathways which fuel all of our movement from a maximum effort lift to a 10 hour physical work day. Overdevelopment in one area tends to lead to deficits in others.

Phosphocreatine – Short and very powerful. Less than 60 seconds but 100% effort. For example, max effort sprint or weightlifting

Glycolytic – Mid duration and mid power outputs. For example, a 400m run or typical CrossFit workouts in 3-5min time range.

Oxidative – Long duration and low power output. For example jogging, biking or swimming for extended periods of time.



Athletes that commit themselves to one area or style of training do so at a cost. We are not looking to build athletes that are the best in the world at any single task but athletes that are better than most at a wide variety of tasks. This is the fitness for individuals whose life, work or sport depends on fitness.

Health Spectrum.

At Crossfit Fury, we view Sickness, Wellness and Fitness as points on a single line and that fitness is a ‘hedge’ against sickness. If we can improve your mile time and train you to be able to lift your bodyweight multiple times it is our belief that you are less likely to get sick, will be less likely to get injured in a fall and will avoid the metabolic diseases.

Not only do your health markers such as blood pressure, and cholesterol represent your health but so does your fitness over the course of your life. Quite possibly, performance markers such as your mile time, ability to deadlift and max pull-ups are a better indicators as to your likelihood of sickness, avoiding an injury due to a fall and even mental health.

How to Get Fit

Intensity and Functional Movements/Mobility.

Acquiring fitness can be a fun social experience with tremendous success in 3-4 hours a week. The key to creating a physical change requires intensity (relative) and big movements that use your whole body. The physical stimulus of working single joint movements pales in comparison to full body movements. Exercise is meant to be simple, fun and efficient.


Our training varies by degree, not kind.

The difference between the training for our world class athletes, our grandparents or a homemaker differ by degree not kind. We all need to practice picking objects off the ground, lifting overhead and controlling our body in space. it is the intensity, load and duration that is varied per athlete.


Ultimately we are designed to eat meats and veggies, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Our nutrition should be seasonal, fresh and as unprocessed as possible. We start our athletes by focusing on their quality of food followed by specific macronutrient quantities. Again our grandparents and top athletes should both be eating the same foods but with varying quantities.


The training of our grandparents and top athletes vary by degree not kind. We all benefit from learning to control our body in space (Gymnastics), Controlling external objects (Weightlifting) and increasing our mobility and conditioning.

It is the load, repetitions and durations that is scaled between individuals of different fitness levels.


Emotional Benefit.

There is a powerful emotional response from putting hard work into common goals. Think of the experiences from team sports and other labor intensive occupations. Together our athletes share success and failure, competitiveness and camaraderie and together grow stronger. Exercise should not be a solitary, boring experience.

Team Building.

In our experience at Crossfit Fury, developing physical challenges that are completed as a group are one of the strongest team building opportunities. We work with numerous sports teams and companies who individually grow more fit, while together they become more unified and cohesive.