Fury is strengthening the community through a supportive and resourceful training facility operated by professional coaches. We are empowering our members to take control of their health through fitness. Fury opened its doors in 2008 with a passion for changing lives and improving fitness. In a 2,000 square foot warehouse we began teaching weightlifting, gymnastics, running,rowing and general conditioning following the CrossFit Methodology. With a focus on effective, efficient, safe and friendly training, we have steadily grown to 20 team members, serving nearly 1,000 athletes a month in our beautiful 15,000 sq ft facility. We provide a variety of group classes of varying difficulty and skill sets for all age groups. Whether you are training for health, a specific event/competition or if your livelihood depends on your fitness we have something for you. Scroll down for information about Fury’s Adult and Private programs. Check out the Youth page to find out information on our various youth programs, including after school athletics. Childcare is available for most classes – see below for details. Join us for a FREE Saturday Class, or visitors may come with a member during the week to try out their first class free. There are never any contracts and we encourage you to try a class before you decide. CrossFit Affiliates are always welcome here at Fury! Drop in rates are $15/day, $50/week or drop in for a day and choose a t-shirt for $25.

DayCare Fish EyeFor many moms and dads, attending Crossfit classes can be difficult due to a lack of childcare options. Here at Crossfit Fury we want to help everyone maintain healthy lifestyles. With generous help from Desert Valley Pediatrics, we offer a fantastic childcare center complete with a staff who works hard to care for your children while you work out. Childcare is available weekdays from 8-10am and 3-8pm with the exception of Thursdays from 8:00-10:30 and 4:30-7:30, and Saturdays from 8-11am. We offer an affordable monthly rate of $15 for one child or $20 for two or more. Drop in rates are available for $5 per child. Sick Policies We care about ALL of the children and adults who enter our childcare. For this reason we ask that you keep your child at home in the event of fever, vomiting/diarrhea, rash, or general illness. Please see the Daycare Policies (PDF) for additional information.

Adult Fitness

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Adult Fitness Class Schedule

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We offer memberships for individuals, couples and families with 3 pricing and service tiers. Fury’s RX membership is the baseline offering with access to all adult fitness & specialty classes plus an annual coaching assessment to evaluate progress. For athletes desiring more specific training, our PRO membership includes the RX tier with a monthly coaching session to be used for personal training, nutrition, programming etc. as well as annual labwork through Lab Express (labs included with monthly autopay memberships only and include Hemoglobin A-1c, Lipids Panel, Complete Blood Count and complete metabolic panel) to monitor your health. Finally, we offer an ELITE membership which is highly customizable and includes the PRO offerings along with annual biometric screenings and two meetings a year with our physician providing medically supported advice.


*Rx is our base membership that includes a variety of group fitness classes and additionally includes “Lifestyle” coaching on the basics of nutrition, recovery, community and health and fitness.


* Fury’s “PRO” program is designed to help you get ahead. It includes the same benefits of the RX plan plus choose ONE personal coaching session per month that could include personal training, nutrition counseling, personal programming, etc.


* “ELITE” is our top of the line membership which will truly set you apart from the competition. It includes the same benefits of the PRO plan plus regular personal health screenings and assessments 


Monthly Autopay: $135

Prepay 4 months: $500

Punch Card  (10 visits):  $130

Daily: $15

Monthly Autopay: $185

Prepay 4 months: $700

Customized for you

Individual, couple or family plans available.


Monthly Autopay: $250

Prepay 4 months: $920

Punch Card  (20 visits):  $240

Monthly Autopay: $330

Prepay 4 months: $1280

Stop by the front desk or contact CrossFit Fury at 623-932-4338 and let us create a tailor-made plan just for you.


(3 Adult Memberships.)

Monthly Autopay: $345

Prepay 4 months: $1260

Family Punch Card  (30 visits):  $330

Monthly Autopay: $450

Prepay 4 months: $1750

Additional Information About Our Programs

We offer 3 levels of classes for our athletes to begin their fitness journey. Fury’s Masters program is designed as a seniors fitness class where our goal is to place an emphasis on balance and regaining any lost abilities or confidence. This is a great place to start for individuals with limitations or those who have no prior history with exercising. Anyone can start their fitness path in our masters program. Fury’s most popular entry point is Basics which is designed to implement general conditioning, basic strength and bodyweight training. Proper movement and mechanics are our focus while increasing your overall conditioning. Once our coaches are confident with your proficiency and safety you will progress to Fury’s advanced CrossFit Class where you will find more demanding workouts that challenge athletes to push their limits. Extensive strength training and conditioning, body weight mastery, and proper recovery methods are all huge components of the advanced CrossFit program.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we combine Basics and Crossfit athletes together for alternating Barbell and Endurance classes. Tuesday Barbell specifically focuses on building foundational strength, while Thursday Barbell centers around the technique and form behind Olympic Lifts. Tuesday’s Endurance class is a high intensity workout, focusing on aerobic capacity. Thursday Endurance will still be a longer duration workout with recovery in mind.

Also included with your membership are several weekly Yoga classes which aid in recovery, flexibility and stability. You may also pay per class or use a punch card to attend. Additionally, you can purchase a single personal training session at $60. *Please note: All monthly memberships require a 30day notice to cancel or you may freeze your membership for up to 6 months. We do not offer refunds.

Customized options for your corporate, professional or school athletic team training.

Corporate Training

Team unity, work ethic and safe movement patterns are an essential strategy for a long term healthy workforce. Fury builds stronger, safer teams through group exercise focusing on short, efficient training sessions that will boost morale, energy and group cohesion. Our partnership will get your employees moving and learning outside of their comfort zone. By contributing to your teams’ fitness and overall wellness you will increase morale and productivity as well as decrease health care costs. More information about our customized Corporate Training programs can be found at, or contact CrossFit Fury’s front desk at 623-932-4338 for more information.

Team Training

CrossFit Fury welcomes the opportunity to coach and train individual teams or groups on a private basis to help them meet their specific goals. We have experience with a variety of sports teams, as well as corporate and local training initiatives. It is our goal to build a stronger community in the heart of the Southwest Valley. Together we can build a fitter, more united team environment. Contact the Fury front desk at 623-932-4338 to discuss how Fury’s coaches can help your group meet their goals.