We must act now to slow the rate of infection.

By doing so we help our hospitals to save lives.

This is much bigger than you or I getting sick. This is helping the people we love, get the care they need.

Member Survey
Fury Members, this survey was included in the Update Email on Sunday March 22nd. Please take a moment to complete if not done so already. Thank you!


Self Evaluate

Self evaluate daily for any symptoms by doing the following:

Take a large breath and hold for 15 seconds. Any discomfort, coughing or stiffness is reason to consider contacting your healthcare provider. Do this daily!


HomeWODs enable you to work out from home, at a park, or with your family. In addition, check out the Equipment Tab for details on how you can check out equipment to supplement your at home workouts.

Join a Coach for Park WODs

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or at home:
Bodyweight WOD

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Dumbbell WOD

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No Equipment WOD

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Fury is lending out packages of equipment along with suggested programming for our members home use. Rentals and returns occur every Tuesday and Friday from 4:00-5:15pm. If you are unable to make that window of time, contact brittany@crossfitfury.com to arrange a time that works for you. When returning equipment, please arrive at 4:00pm to assist in additional cleaning and we will then begin lending equipment out around 4:15pm.

**Click here to review and complete the equipment waiver and bring it with you at check out. 

Equipment Checkout

Equipment may be reserved up to 24 hours ahead of time. You may re-check out equipment if you would like to keep it longer and it’s not already been checked out by another member. 
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Equipment WOD*

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*Barbells, rowers and bikes do not come with a pre-programmed WOD. 

We are well aware of the importance of washing our hands, which is why we have installed handwashing stations in February.

We need to think more broadly if we are going to tackle this. Some examples to consider for daily disenfecting:

Cell Phones, Tablets & Computers

Car Keys, Steering Wheel

Designating an area in your home to remove shoes and clothing.

Avoiding public restrooms at all cost.

Consider these valuable resources to stay informed. In todays information age we must seek & research ourselves. No longer can we depend the entire story being delivered to us.

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

UW Virology Twitter


Nature – Autophagy & Viruses

DIY Protective Gear

Ensuring Health

Your efforts towards increased fitness and health serves as a hedge against sickness. Please ensure that you continue to:

SLEEP – Your body needs every available resource.

Eat Primal, FAST and Repeat. Viruses thrive in glucose & Autophagy is our best weapon against them!

Get in the sun, play, AVOID CROWDS,  & take VitD/Fish Oil.

See the Resource Tab for more info.

Victory PPE

CrossFit Fury's commitment to the community was highlighted earlier this month when we asked for help equipping our Healthcare & Public Service personnel with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Within 24 hours we had a team of experts crafting handmade masks and...

Fury [StateOfEmergency] Strong

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Short Supply

Just because we have experienced a lifetime of comforts & consistency, does not mean we should not consider and or prepare for alternatives.