Furious Fundraiser 4


On Saturday October 22nd CrossFit Fury is hosting is Fourth Annual Furious Fundraiser and this year it is going to be above the rest!

Registration is now CLOSED for competitors. Please note the slight variations in the event below.

Event Details

This years format will be as follows:

Event 1: A 2 mile obstacle course. This will be challenging and difficult but completable for all. Swim trunks will not be needed.

Event 2: Max KGs Ground to Overhead in 5 min. Athletes will be provided 1 barbell and weights ranging from 60kgs to 100kgs for men, and 35kg to 65kg for women. Score will be the total number of kgs lifted overhead in the allotted time.

Event 3: Will be a CrossFit style WOD that will be pulled from a hopper after the second event. Exercises, reps, and loads will all be determined on site. Be prepared for anything.

Grand prize will be a $1,000 gift card to spend at Again Faster Equipment which will by awarded by Fury to the gym whose top placing male and female finish above the rest. Additional prizes will be awarded overall top placing male and female and this will be open to Fury athletes.