CrossFit Fury Hosts the 11th Furious Competition
Coming March 21, 2020!

We here at CrossFit Fury take the health and welfare of our community very seriously.  In light of recent health concerns regarding Coronavirus and under the advisement of the Arizona Department of Health, we have chosen to postpone Furious 11. We plan to tentatively reschedule Furious 11 between May 16th and June 13th.

Stay tuned for more information. 

Sneak Peek #1

Chipper for Time

10 Minute Time Cap

75 Wall Balls (M:25#/C:18#/W:14#)*
75 Pull Ups
75 Box Jump Overs (M:30″/C:24″/W:20″)*
75 Toes to Rings

Teams may break up reps however they wish.

SCORING: Total Time completed OR 600 + remaining reps if not completed by time cap.

*M=Men, C=Coed, W=Women requirements

Sneak Peek #2

Dual AMRAP – 16 Minutes

2 8-minute AMRAPs

Partner 1 performs 1st AMRAP:
Row for Calories
Partner 2 performs 2nd AMRAP:
3 Squat Cleans (M:65k/C:55k/W:45k)* plus
7 Burpee Over Bar

Partners switch at 8 minute mark

SCORING: Total Calories + Total Rounds + Total Reps for both partners

Sneak Peek #3

Relay AMRAP – 6 Minutes

1 Partner performs at a time

12 DB Snatch
12m Overhead Walk


12m Sandbag Walk

SCORING: Total rounds plus reps

A special thank you to our sponsors who help to make these events possible:

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