It’s Fury’s vision that we, as a business and as a greater community, can contribute to a bright and healthy future. Since 2008 Fury has been committed to making an impact and building a legacy that will last for generations. Below are outlined current problems, solutions and Fury’s ultimate goal of the Goodyear Performance Center.

We’re interested in partnering with individuals and businesses who similarly share our hopes for a bright and healthy future. If you share our passion and are interested in finding out how you can be a part of the Goodyear Performance Center, contact Fury at 623-932-4338 or send an email to 

Problem: Innovation, creativity & physical education are being stifled for standardized tests and desk jobs.

Solution: Youth fitness, S.T.E.M. programs, tutor space, coworking and innovation space offering kids access to technology & ideas.

Problem: Transportation & business developments use outdated technology because it’s cheap & easy. This leads to poor physical & emotional health plus high operating costs.

Solution: Invest upfront for net zero operations. Create a bike-share & pedestrian culture.

Problem: Health Insurance costs have become equivalent to a second and third mortgage and cause financial distress for often little value.

Solution: Preventative care starts with education, resources & lifestyle, creating a self-funded insurance for health.

Fury’s proposed mix-use community space will be anchored by a CrossFit affiliate and urban farm. We’ll integrate functional medicine, cowork and collaborative space, and farm-to-table meals to combat metabolic disease and inspire innovation.