The Future of Fury

Transition to New Ownership, 2020


CrossFit Fury family and friends,

To do something with fury is to do it with a lot of passion, energy and determination. Since its founding in 2008, it is these qualities that have allowed CrossFit Fury to evolve and grow into the community that we all love… from the tireless devotion by Peter and his family to the random acts of kindness performed by its members on a daily basis. With the unprecedented events of 2020 comes an opportunity for CrossFit Fury to position itself to continue to contribute to the health and wellness in the West Valley for decades to come. Building upon the foundation of CrossFit Fury, we commit to offering this community the highest quality fitness program to athletes young and old in the safest environment possible.

Over the next few days we will be soliciting opinions, input and ideas and from the entire Fury community. We will attempt to offer competitive and reasonable pricing to make CrossFit accessible to all while still maintaining excellent coaches, programs and facilities. Our preliminary plan is to continue in the existing space as-is for the first several months. Then, once the weather cools and we have transitioned to the new operational team, we are hopeful to renovate the space to provide updates to the daycare, restrooms, and reception.

This opportunity is one that we feel passionately about and we take the responsibility of this community seriously. There will be bumps in the road but we are committed to continuing in the great tradition and path of the last 12 years. Know that we are always approachable, welcome communication (both positive and constructive), and look forward to contributing to the CrossFit Fury community!

– Charlie Montgomery, Mike Johnson, and Tracy Burns

Hey Fury Athlete,

I am proud to say that Fury will have a new ownership team to guide us from these current challenges.  Moving forward, I will step down from owner operator and focus my time on coaching and learning. Over the years the business ‘ownership’ has wore on me and I have lost track of the reasons Fury was started. I never could have imagined Fury growing into what it is today and I am proud to let a new perspective from our community take the lead.

The idea of selling the company that represents my entire adult life is no easy task. You cannot get into this industry for the money. It has to be passion and vision that guides this path. I am confident that this management team, who together have 30 years of Fury history and have built lives around health, are the best possible choice! I am proud to introduce the future owners of Fury!

Mike Johnson is our longest running member! Starting in early 2009 he has had life saving results while at Fury, reversing metabolic disease and occupying many of the strength records at Fury. He has been an entrepreneur his entire life and is guiding 3 wonderful kids into adulthood and donates his time and resources to the West Valley Mavericks

Charlie Montgomery had rarely utilized a gym before he joined Fury some 7 years ago.  Charlie and his wife Christine were the primary resources & drivers that facilitated the Fury Farm for nearly 4 years. He brings operations & strategy to Fury and is also raising 4 amazing kids and serves in the West Valley Mavericks.

Tracy Burns is the purest supporter we could ever ask for. She started her membership over 10 years ago and quickly joined the coaching team. She is always the first to take on responsibilities and lead our healthy community. Together with her husband Jordan, they have bridged the health care gap in our service with our public health WELLness program and recently started BirthFit, all while raising 2 student athletes. 

There will be official updates in the coming days from the new company. We will continue to operate under the trade name of CrossFit Fury and in our current facility! We are planning for September 15th as the official transition for all memberships and operations. We have been prorating renewals to ‘terminate’ on September 15th and we will provide new membership options shortly. I will be reaching out personally to our PIF &  Account balances to oversee this transition.

I am proud to see Fury continue when I had reached my limit. This new business perspective will greatly improve the foundation we have built and provide countless opportunities. As always, contact me directly with questions. 

To the future,
Peter Egyed