Fury community,

We are faced with more uncertainty than most of us have experienced in a lifetime. Fury opened in 2008, at the depths of a recession and uncertainty, so this is in our DNA. I would like to take a moment to convey our ABSOLUTE commitment to you, your health and the strength of our community. Regardless of the obstacles, we are moving forward with building a legacy and a bright future in the West Valley.

Words cannot express our GRATITUDE to each and every one of you, who have stood strong by us so far. We understand and share your fears of uncertainty you may be dealing with. Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to continue providing a life changing service. From equipping your home/park workouts, providing online support from your coaches to basic living essentials and critical support for our health professionals, this is now the scope of our service.

We are confident that years from now we will all look back at this time, which feel worrisome in the moment, as a pivotal and course defining period in all of our lives. Please, do everything you can to stand with us now and we will stand with you for decades to come, in the strong & bright future we create. We doubled down in January by investing in your safety in the likelihood of this pandemic would happen. Now that it is here, there is no slowing down and we are only getting started.

Starting Monday March 23rd, we will be lending out packages of equipment with suggested programming for free to active members for your home use. These packages will be provided on a 48 hour basis and we will be opening registration 24 hours in advance to ensure everyone is equipped. The rental/return process will occur every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am. When returning equipment, please arrive at 9:45 to assist in additional cleaning an we will then begin sending equipment out at 10am. All of the details and reservations will be completed on the Furystrong HomeWOD tab. There will also be links to countless minimal or no equipment workouts at home.

Also, we will begin providing park workouts twice a day on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. At 8:30am we will be meeting at Turtle Park in Litchfield Park. In the afternoons we will be meeting at Bullard Wash behind staples at 4:30pm.  If this situation continues beyond our accepted time frame for neglecting pull up training, we are prepared to set up the Fury O-Course as a public pull up rig. This is a great time to utilize the Fury Facebook page to connect to others with mutual interests such as running, hiking, youth workout groups and even gardening.

In closing, each and every one of the Fury Team and our kiddos want to wish only the best for you. It is going to be a different world when the emergency is cleared, many business doors may never open again. There is a reason we are the only ‘gym’ still open in our area and we will do everything possible to be here with the music blaring & weight clanging when that day comes.

From our family to yours, stay safe and healthy,

The Fury Family