Preventative Measures

Fury Athletes,  

We are committed to providing you resources & information to help make decisions towards a healthy life. This message is intended to present possible scenarios or situations that hopefully don’t happen. However, a few preemptive measures could make a big difference.

For the majority of us, we have lived a comfortable life, as most likely our parents did. Just because we have not experienced true hardships, inconsistent supply chains or worse… does not necessitate that they are impossible. Below are two scenarios based on a disrupted supply chain that I believe everyone could easily prepare for.

Scenario 1 – Out of Stock

Imagine a disruption in our supply chain and suddenly Sprouts, Target & Costco can no longer restock certain essentials. Based on what is currently in your house, could you comfortably spend a week or two without any outside assistance? How about a month or more? What if your tap water was no longer potable, such as Flint Michigan?

  • Water Min 1.5 Gal per day[more for bathing].  
  • Nutrient dense non perishables for everyone in your family.
    • Canned & Frozen animal protein. Min 1# per 150# LBM per day.
    • Solid & liquid oils, and butters. 500+ Cal per day
    • Nuts, dried/canned goods, oats & rice. Quantity is key here.
  • Hygiene, cleaners, paper products. 2 months +


Scenario 2 – Communicable Illness

Take the same situation above but imagine half of everyone around has caught the flu in a short period of time. Everyone sick needs to stay home & rest but those with respiratory conditions, heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses need serious or intensive care. Could you care for your family if someone got sick but was manageable from home?

  • Minimize public contact & visitors at home.
  • Avoid public restrooms, physical money & crowded areas.
  • Expand communication sources:
    • Social Media: Twitter, IG, Facebook @CrossFitFury 
    • Private Chat: Telegram @FuryStrong
    • Local Radio UHB 144mHZ frequencies.
  • Family Group Plan
  • Data Sharing-

We are preparing for the variety of possibilities as we follow the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in America. We are creating plans for various scenarios, if they develop, to keep you informed and safe. Ultimately, we hope to offset infection or illness where possible, to decrease the demand on local health care providers and expected absenteeism in local services.

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