Welcome to the Primal Club! Here we begin working our way through the nutrition program summarized on our resources page. Currently we are focusing on a foundation of molecular health and insulin sensitivity. We can achieve this by limiting our consumption of toxins listed as Donts and building our days and meals around the Dos. For the next week we will use this post and comments for our discussions. Finally, please remember success is achieved by sustained small improvements. Do not expect to completely 180 your nutrition and health overnight. I am here to help you prioritize small consistent improvements.

Right now protein is the primary component of our meals. Remember, it is more functional material than energy. Our goal is the teach our body to tap into our energy reserves to fuel our needs. The protein is providing amino acids, ie building blocks for the function of our systems.

There is going to be an adaption phase where our body is a little upset that we do not have significant free flowing glucose for energy. It is ok and it WILL pass. While I do believe that our body is designed to be fat adapted, sugar is a ‘cheap and easy’ fuel source so it is always used first when available. Please note also that we will not achieve significant fat metabolism if we are consistently providing sugar hits. Buckle down and give your body the nutrition it needs not what craves.


For now I would like you to eat 3 meals a day with an optional snack based on hunger. Limit fruit to one serving a day or less and preferably oranges (in season) or berries. The rest of your carbohydrates come from veggies and eat protein to satiety. Typically our protein will have enough fat (and how we cook it) but additional avocado, nuts and MCT (coconut oil) are great choices. The more you track (quantity and timing) the better I can guide you moving forward. 

An example day would look like this:

Meal 1

(1-3 hours after waking)
2-4 pasture raised eggs cooked in butter and a piece of ham. Optional half of avocado.

Meal 2

Chicken & Spinach Salad with celery, pickles, carrots, broccoli with oil and vineger dressing.

Meal 3

Steak, Lamb or Bison with sautéed fennel and brussel sprouts

Snack Ideas

Mixed raw nuts: almonds, pecans,  walnuts, brazil nuts & pistachios.
Also sardines, oysters or simply beef jerky.

Bone Broth

It is also imperative that we always have bone broth around the house. This serves as a base when making soups or rice (in a few weeks) and most importantly this is your primary consumption during fasts. To make bone broth take beef/bison joint bones or chicken carcass and cook in a crock pot filled with water on high for 24-30 hours, adding in 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, an onion chopped, salt, pepper and rosemary to taste. Once cooked, strain the contents and refrigerate or freeze. Typically it will stay good for 10 days in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer.

Aerobic Training

Finally, to help kick start our fat metabolism I would like to include some aerobic specific training. This will be typically 15-25 minutes in duration and at an intensity level you could maintain a conversation during or a pace that you could sustain while only breathing through your nose.  Ideally you could perform 1-2 of these additional sessions each week:

A single effort in the 20 minute range. This could be a hike, brisk walk, rowing, biking or skiing.

5 Min efforts on the Rower and Bike with 2 min rest between efforts and repeated 3 times.

10 min row then, 5 rds of 10 Ring Rows, 10 Push Ups, 10 Squats followed by 10 min row. 

These conditioning efforts can totally be customized and are meant to act as additional conditioning. If you feel overtrained, fatigued it is ok to skip. These are also good suggestions if you are unable to make your regular class.


Finally, our additional education is to focus on this nutrient density and I would encourage you to listen to these podcasts when possible.

From here let us keep the work going! No toxins, lots of sleep and a little activity is powerful medicine if we let it work. Post questions comments or feel free to reach out to me directly!