We are one week away from cheering on our Bomb Squad in St. Cloud, Minnesota!

We’re excited to have an all male team represent Fury at this year’s Granite Games. On the team we have Coach Reilly Kilbride, Morgan Gregory and Aaron Cappuccino. It’s been a few years since we have sent a team to The Granite Games, and we are thrilled to have the Bomb Squad Back in action! What better way to celebrate ten years of strengthening the community than rallying behind your home gym team. Owner and head Coach, Peter, will be attending The Granite Games with the team and will live stream the team’s event on our CrossFit Fury Facebook Members Page. Join the members forum and tune in to help us cheer them on:https://www.facebook.com/groups/263530574235303/
Here is a spotlight of our 2018 ‘Bomb Squad’s Back’ Granite Games Team:
Aaron Cappuccino
Aaron is originally from Goodyear, AZ and is 24 years old. He started CrossFit a year ago to stay in shape and occupy his spare time. He stumbled upon Fury by chance as he was on his way to check out another gym. He enjoys the competition that comes with CrossFit and believes anytime we have to fight through pain in our head, it becomes a testament to our character. His favorite CrossFit movements are the rower and burpees. His least favorite movements are snatch balance and double unders. An interesting fact about Aaron? He wreckage dove off the coast of Windmill Beach on the Southern Coast of Cuba… and he can cook ‘Minute Rice’ in 58 seconds.
Reilly Kilbride
Reilly is from Columbia, SC and is 26 years old. He was flipping channels one day and saw the CrossFit Games and said to himself “hey this might be fun.” From there he walked into his local CrossFit Affiliate and was instantly hooked. He considers himself a competitor, often with himself more than with others. He strives to push himself out of his comfortable mental state constantly. On his rest days, you can find him getting outdoors! He enjoys learning new skills, and has recently fallen in love with swimming the last 3 months. His favorite movement in CrossFit is Ring Muscle Ups – he has completed 21 in a row! His least favorite movement is bar facing burpees.
Interesting Facts about Reilly: He is an Australian citizen. In his free time, when he’s not hiking Arizona trails and swimming, he enjoys shooting his bow. He is also currently taking Spanish lessons with the goal to teach CrossFit in Spanish by the end of the year.
Morgan Gregory
Morgan is from Nashville, TN and is 29 years old. He started CrossFit as a way to challenge himself more than the traditional bodybuilding workouts he was doing. He stuck with CrossFit because he likes the competition, loves the fear, and is addicted to the pain. He is driven by his constant need for self validation, which he carries through to his job and training. You will rarely find Morgan taking a rest day, typically cross training on his rest days. He does enjoy a good movie, rerun of Friends, or a ball game in his little spare time though. Morgan’s least favorite movement are thrusters and his favorite is a toss up between rowing and deadlifting.
Some interesting facts about Morgan: He played viola in the Tennessee High School orchestra (2nd chair), he has never lost a game of ‘Seinfeld Scene-It’, and if he had his way he would live in a country that knows nothing about baseball.

Thank you to all the amazing sponsors that are supporting the team’s trip – Wilderness Athlete, Estrella Women’s, Frank the Realtor, Millican Engineering, AZOPT, Blackwater Plumbing, and Palm Valley Oral Surgery – and to all our awesome Fury members who participated in the raffle and are repping the Bomb Squads Back Granite Game Tees! They couldn’t do it without you!