“This is a world I love being a part of for a small part of my every day.”

Congratulations to long time member Karen Zehtab for being named Spotlight Athlete of the Month for June! Karen joined us in 2011 when Lifetime was shut down for a week due to remodeling. She is always smiling and brings positive energy to the 8am crew. If Karen has a question on programming she asks for clarification, then gets after it. Her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle has been passed on to her four children. It would be hard to find a better role model. Her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle has been passed on to her four children who are involved in multiple sports and are often seen in our Student Athlete classes. Recently her son Charlie participated in his first CrossFit competition here at Fury and did an outstanding job representing the Fury Student Athletes. Karen not only is a long-time member of Fury but also active in the community. Showing up is the hardest part of any fitness routine yet even with four children Karen has remarkable attendance and there is rarely a day she misses. Here are her responses when asked what brought her to fury and what has impacted her most.

What brought you to CrossFit?
Fury was offering a free week when Lifetime Fitness was closed for the week due to remodel or cleaning. They had a very small childcare area but a lovely girl named Kelsie and a guy named Cole held my new baby and told me not to worry just go and work out!!! My friend Tracy also had been suggesting I give CrossFit a try.

What would you consider your areas of weakness?
Pull-ups and toes to bar. However, I’ve come a long way! It took me over a year and a half to obtain a kipping pull-up when I first started and I am proud of myself, and thankful to Kelly who kept cheering me on along with all the 8am CrossFitters each time I came close to pulling my chin up and over that bar!!

What would you consider your strength?
My strength at the gym is my consistency in showing up! Every day we must show up to life! Harboring behind excuses is not a choice I want to follow or model for myself or my family.
So, I show up; whether in a good mood or bad or a few minutes behind! I come to get moving and test my inner self.

What has impacted you the most?
Watching people over and over again keep persevering and trying; they have the I think I can mentality. This is a world I love being a part of for a small part of my every day. Also watching the daily success stories; whether it’s a coach jumping in to join someone to help them finish the last leg of a run or watching us giggle as we synchronize ourselves to fall head first in Yoga or down the wall during our wall walks! Sharing laughter here is a HUGE impact on my life.

Additional comments for current or potential members.
Thank you! Thank you for your smile or your cheering with your sweat and swear words that I may be thinking but not vocalizing!!! (Damn Air-dyne!)
Welcome to a group of people who love one another and want to strengthen their mind, body and spirit. Enjoy a group of people who persevere even if it’s just to get back up off the floor again!