Fury is always eager to find the next Spotlight Athlete and this month we would like to congratulate Brandi Galin from our Corporate Wellness Program for being nominated! Brandi is coming up on two years with CrossFit Fury and attends class in the evening after work. During her time at Fury she has missed only a handful of classes and all but one of those has been due to illness. Her willingness to do whatever is thrown at her as well as her commitment has helped her tremendously. Brandi will always ask questions and has never backed down from some competition. In fact, she recently won the end of year challenge among her Corporate Wellness group that was over the course of 8 weeks. While she isn’t usually the first done with the workout for the day she most definitely is always pushing her limits and trying her hardest. If there were an award to give for most improved Brandi would be top on the list. Here are her responses to our Spotlight Athlete questions.

“Instead of excuses I find a way to stay motivated and strive to be competitive.”

What brought you to CrossFit?
I had tried several diet plans including Medifast and had gone as far as lap band surgery. None of these options gave me permanent results the weight would quickly return. Duncan and Son started a corporate class. I was looking for an opportunity to improve my health, weight loss and accountability. I had started hiking with a group of Duncan employees and had already lost almost 50lbs. I was wearing 3XL shirts and size 48 shorts(pants weren’t an option). I was very self- conscience of my weight and how others viewed me.
What has impacted you the most at Fury?
The coaches. The encouragement from all the coaches and athletes. Everyone is supportive and personable. Peter makes it a point to learn your name which shows that he values you as a client/person. Brittany continues to find ways to challenge us be it an additional workout or food challenge which brings out my competitive nature. Instead of excuses I find a way to stay motivated and strive to be competitive. Since starting with CrossFit Fury, I have downsized to men’s large shirt and size 38 jeans. I feel energized. In 2017, I completed (9)5k runs. This year I completed an 175mile/100 day challenge in 71 days,(2)5k’s and my first 10k. I have also joined the company softball team. Without Fury and the coaches, I would not be on this incredible journey. Without Brittany, Peter and my fabulous Duncan co-workers, along with the support of Duncan and Son Management, I would not have the courage, strength and support to be as successful with my weight loss goals. I am very honored to have been given the opportunity to join such a wonderful group of people.
Any additional comments you would like to share with current or potential members?
Fury is a no judgement zone. I encourage all my co-workers to try Fury. The Fury team is truly there for your benefit. Everyone is extremely welcoming, encouraging and supportive. The coaches will modify a workout to fit your skill level. We have had several employees and family members with limited movement or prior injuries that have been successful at Fury.