Fury is proud to announce March Spotlight Athlete of the Month, Sharon Jones! Sharon has one of those inspiring CrossFit stories that is enough to motivate any current or potential member. She came to Fury on a dare but stayed after the workout left her feeing rejuvenated. Her health and fitness journey has had bumps but she has stayed motivated and has worked hard to make it a priority. After being diagnosed with cancer is the fall of 2016, she had to dig deep and fight hard. She credits CrossFit with saving her life because it had her “in the best shape of her life” to take cancer head on. Sharon has come so far from not being able to jump rope to competing in the Fury in house Red Hot and Sweaty event recently. Here are her answers to the questions we ask our Spotlight Athletes.

What brought me to CrossFit Fury?

Honestly, my first visit started as a dare between co-workers, we had been hearing about Fury from customers and kind of just dared each other. We went to the free class on Saturday, the workout included running, sit ups and burpees (whaaatttt…..never even heard of a burpee). My co-worker ended up in the bathroom and I felt like I was going to die but I felt a weird kind rejuvenation. I knew I needed to do something to improve my overall health. I went back the following Monday and joined. It was so hard in the beginning, at times I would think what the heck am I doing, I am just too old for this. I couldn’t even jump rope. I remember Kelly did my assessment and my homework was to string together 25 singles. I went from a black bell to a pink, up to yellow, but all on my schedule, that’s what kept me coming back to Fury

What impacted you the most?

Fury put me in the best shape of my life to take on the fight of my life. I was part of the Summer Paleo challenge in 2016. What an awesome experience that was, I had lost about 15 lbs doing the challenge. Sept 1, 2016 I found a lump. Sept 13, 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I found the lump very early, my journey was extremely difficult and after many surgeries and a year of treatment, I am cancer free! I credit Fury for putting me in a position to be strong physically and mentally. I am not sure what treatment would have looked liked if I had not been working out regularly.Once I was given the all clear to resume my life after treatment, I didn’t know where to start. I had bec

“I reached out to Brandi and I can only say that was the best thing for me, for my family, for my sanity, I have ever done.”

ome somewhat depressed; a year had passed since I had been able to work out. I didn’t look the same or feel the same, I now had come to a crossroad in my life, I had to make a choice to fully reclaim my life no matter what it looked like. I reached out to Brandi and I can only say that was the best thing for me, for my family, for my sanity, I have ever done. I trained with Brandi for 2 months, I never wanted to go back to regular class, there are times I wish I could still train with Brandi! She worked so hard to help me to find different ways to modify movements, she would listen to me whine, if I couldn’t do it she would do it with me, but most importantly she never let me quit and some days that was really tough. Things are definitely different for me and I may never be able to do some of the things I used to do, but that’s ok. Every time I enter the gym I am stronger!


Additional comments
CrossFit Fury is a gym where great people want great things for you. It’s your journey and the coaches and friends you make are along for the ride. They truly encourage you to be the healthiest, strongest, best person you can be. Your health is your responsibility, my advice would be to embrace the people who want the best for you, try something new, dare yourself to do something different.