We are excited to roll out an improved pricing strategy and updated program offerings. In the past Fury built programs around a specific need for fitness and figured out pricing afterwards. Today we have a clear vision of where we are going and have begun charting our course to get there.

We are building a community that empowers the public to take control of their health with a variety of effective group fitness classes, diverse subject matter experts lending and locally sourced agriculture.  We have established a baseline Fury Membership from which there are endless opportunities to grow and learn.

Fury’s RX membership provides unlimited access to all of our adult fitness classes, an annual assessment tracking your progress and as big of a piece of the Fury community as you desire. We offer this RX monthly memberships to individuals for $135, Couples for $250 and a variety of family options.

Additionally Fury is excited to roll out PRO and ELITE versions of our memberships which incorporate monthly to weekly training, meal plans, biometric screening, blood panels and physician recommended programming. Ultimately our goal is to provide resources to any level athlete looking to take control of their health and fitness.

Our experience over the last decade leads us to believe there is no other health related product or service that provides a bigger return on investment than our fully utilized membership. Fury is strengthening the community and we are just getting started.

Please see our Programs page for the new membership options that go into effect Jan 1st 2018 for all members. Please watch your email for confirmation from us regarding this transition.