We are thrilled for our second Best of AZ Masters event on December 9th! This post is designed to provide you all the info you need for the day’s logistics and event standards.

Event 1 will commence at Buckeye Airport at 8am. We encourage everyone to arrive by 7:30 to get situated. The course is approximately 500m in length and we will run the course with two athletes at a time. Everyone will get 2 attempts for the fastest time from which we will narrow the field in half for final rounds.

Scoring: This event will be worth 150pts, 100 in the first round and 50pts for those who move on the the finals.
 We will finish at Buckeye Airport by 9am at which point the course will open to the public. Masters athletes will have 2 hours to return to Fury for the next event. We encourage carpooling and please use the comments below to organize. Heats will run on the hour with the entire event complete by 3pm.

Event 2 Dumbbell Snatch ladder.

Athletes will have 1 minute to complete 1 snatch per arm at each weight. Standards are that the DB starts on the ground and the athlete must get it overhead in one movement for each arm every minute. All forms of Snatch are allowed, but if the dumbbell touches any part of your body, including non lifting hand on leg, it will be counted as a no rep. The weights (lbs) for men are 45-55-65-75-85-95; women’s weights are 30-35-40-45-50-55. When the final weight is completed athletes are to perform as many reps as possible until the minute is finished.

Scoring: This event is worth 100pts

Event 3 Jackie.

For time athletes will row 1,000m followed by 50 thrusters with a 20kg bar for men and a 15kg bar for women, followed by 30 pull-ups, chin over bar. There will be a 15min cap on this workout.

Scoring: This event is worth 100pts

Event 4 has two parts.

Part 1 is 21-15-9 reps of Toes to Bar and Barbell Cleans. Weights will be ascending on each round starting at 50/35kg for the 21 reps, 60/40kg for the 15 reps and 70/45kg for the 9’s. This event will have a 7 min cap and all athletes will start Part 2 at the 10min mark consisting of: 21-15-9 Burpees over Bar and Deadlifts. Weights will ascend on Deadlifts starting at 80/55kg for 21’s, 90/65kg for the 15’s and 100/75kg for the 9’s. The clean is any style, power, split of full ending in the standing position. Deadlift is classical deadlift with hands outside of the legs.

Scoring: This event is worth 150pts. 75pts for part 1 and 75pts for part 2.