Just over one month from today, on December 9th, we are hosting our second annual Best of AZ Masters competition. It is our mission to help strengthen our community of fit individuals of all ages, this event defintely highlights that mission!

We are incredibly excited to start the event off site at the Buckeye Airport for a quarter mile obstacle course at 8am! The obstacle course will be completed in pairs, with the top times advancing to the final rounds. You can be sure that this obstacle course will test all kinds of fitness. Please note there is no water or mud planned for this course.

At 11am we will all convene back at Fury for the second event which will be a Snatch Ladder, Dumbbell Snatch! Weights will make 10lbs increases and athletes will have to snatch each weight one time per arm to advance.

The third scored event will be the classic CrossFit WOD ‘Jackie.’ For time athletes will complete a 1000m Row, 50 Barbell thrusters 20/15kg, and 30 pull ups.

There will be one final event which will be released along with scoring specifics, time caps and other details in the second half of November. This event is capped at 12 competitors per gender age category. We will create a wait list of registrations once we hit those numbers so register soon!

Train hard athletes and if you have any questions please reach out to Peter.

Register here.