Jefferson Curl -> Ring Row -> Stallbar Splits -> L-Rope Pull ups.

For the past 9 years it has been our mission to provide you the most effective, efficient and safe programs to increase your fitness. We started with only CrossFit classes back in 2008 and a year and a half later we introduced the Basics Program. Today all of our programs look and feel much different due to constant refinement and improvements. Over the years we have also tried a variety of options for our athletes that want ‘more’ training than what’s offered in the classes. When thinking about what athletes need today to be competitive CrossFitters or to be as fit as possible, I believe it is not simply making harder workouts and doing more of them, but spending time in the fields of weakness or passion.

Looking forward 2-3 years I see Fury with similar general programs as we have now, developed by our coaches, helping our athletes take control of their fitness. I also envision subject matter experts from weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and swimming. This is exactly what the top CrossFitters today are doing for their training; working hard at general conditioning with their friends and spending time with professional coaches in specific fields to increase their capacity.

Starting in November we are providing suggested supplemental programming. This is intended to be completed in addition to our classes and will be divided into 3 categories: Strength, Body Control and Conditioning. Ideally, you would choose 1 or 2 of these categories and commit to performing the program 1-2x per week. Please reach out to any of the coaches if you have any questions.

Snatch -> Press -> Lunge

Strength Our first month will focus on a Dumbbell strength complex you may recognize from warmups . For those following the Strength Program this should be completed 1-2x per week for the month of November. With the Right Arm perform 8 reps of: Hang Snatch, Push Press, Reverse Lunge, rest as needed and repeat on the Left Arm. Complete 5 work sets at a single weight during week 1. Week 2 make an increase in weight for 3 of the sets. Week 3 complete all 5 sets at a heavier weight. Week 4 repeat the previous weeks weight for 2 sets and make increases on following 3.

Body Control: This can be completed in a single 40min session or broken into its components through out the week. Each combo is a mobility component tied with a strength competent. Complete 4 rounds of 6-8 reps of each couplet:
Jefferson Curl + Xiapeng. Deck Squats + Pull up Hold. Chinese Handstand + Swivel Hips. Superman Hold + Shoulder Dislocates.

Endurance: We will focus on the 20-30 min time frame with variations in intensity to be used as a recovery day, cool down after class WOD or its very own training session. We will alternate between running a 5k, Rowing a 5K and the following combo WOD: Run 1mile, Row 2k, Run 800m, Row 1k, Run 400m row 500m.

We are very excited to begin providing you additional tools to pursue your fitness. We expect that a little extra time dedicated on your part now will help us develop these into full time programs at Fury in the future. Please ask us any questions regarding this you may have and provide feedback as you participate.