“Building core strength has helped tremendously with back issues.”

Fury would like to congratulate 54 year old Ken Barnes on being named September Spotlight Athlete of the Month! Ken has been a member at Fury for just over five years and has gone from thinking CrossFit was crazy to a competitor winning gold. After back issues brought him to Fury he couldn’t help but find motivation among other athletes at the gym. He found inspiration from some of the most elite to those walking in the door with hard work in front of them to regain a healthy lifestyle. Ken is no stranger to the mornings at Fury. After attending a class he can usually be found putting in extra work. Recently his longer workouts and drive helped him bring home the gold medal for his age group at the World Police and Fire Games held in Los Angeles California. This medal did not come easy and took dedication to a workout regimen most of us would shy away from. Below are some of the questions we ask our Spotlight Athletes with Ken’s responses.


What brought you to CrossFit? I had just finished a month long 3 day a week program with a Physical Therapist for back problems and asked her, “Where do I go from here”? Her response was to get involved in a CrossFit gym and continue to strengthen my core. She knew Peter and put me in touch with him. I met him at the original gym across the street for a visit and watched, wondering what this CrossFit stuff was all about. After watching a class my thoughts were, “these people and my therapist are totally crazy”! I joined the following week and the rest is history.

What has impacted you the most during your time at Fury? The friendships I’ve built, life changing fitness as well as building core strength that has helped tremendously with my back issues. Even though I ended up needing surgery to repair a disc I still feel that CrossFit has helped me to become stronger and more physically fit. This has been life changing for me.

Please share any other comments you would like potential or current members to read.
I’m truly blessed to be able to work out side by side with some of the nicest, hardworking people I’ve ever met. I’m not sure if it is the comradery, competition or just wanting to be in the best physical shape I can that drives me to show up to Fury day after day. Through hard work, discipline and proper nutrition we can all reach goals we may think are not obtainable. I really want to thank Peter, Carren and all the staff of Fury both past and present, for giving of themselves to make us all better!
I actually used a lot of members to push me to better myself and prepare for the World Police and Fire Games. So many of you all are better athletes than I at different things. I would pick one of you to emulate or try to keep up with. You may not even have noticed, so I must thank everyone for your help in my preparation!!! Keep working hard!!

“Through hard work, discipline and proper nutrition we can all reach goals we may think are not obtainable.”

Congratulations Ken! Fury is proud of the athlete you have become!