As we enter July I would like to take a moment and discuss our programming and membership updates. The change in weather allows for(requires) a seasonal variation in our workouts.  The majority of our conditioning will be on the shorter, multiple intervals or lower intensity side. Weather can provides its own physical challenges and it must be taken seriously.

CrossFit Classes will be starting a wave program for our olympic lifting which is built around percentages of your max. We will test these lifts over the next two weeks and our first wave will be a 3-2-1 cycle at percentages that is repeated for 3 sets. Please record your tests to make this program as effective as possible. We are also going to see some variety in our slow lift rep schemes as we incorporate a few higher rep sessions. Our gymnastics mobility and body position will continue and we will increasingly utilize the rings for a lot of our support and stability work. Finally, we will use the Concept 2 for our measured conditioning, focusing on the 500m TT!

Basics will continue the barbell program as strength is a very important component to your fitness, second only to mobility. Expect to spend plenty of time learning a variety of lifts and proper body positions. We have seen great attendance in the Tuesday Prep class and have seen a consistent progression of athletes into CrossFit, which is fantastic! We are focusing on a foundation of fitness in Basics to prepare you for the rigors of our CrossFit program. We will also follow the 500m row program in Basics as well as dedicated weekly time to mastering the elusive double under!

Mobile view of our website schedule.

Memberships We have been researching and strategizing improvements with our management software to help us better communicate and track your progress. Starting this week, you will check yourself into class via an Ipad at the gym. Tracking your attendance is important to us to help keep you consistent at Fury. Moving forward we ask that you take 30 seconds before class and make sure you are checked in. You can also ‘sign up’ for classes on your mobile device by visiting our website. You will need to create a login for your account with our software by following the link ‘Mindbody Login’ in the top right corner of our homepage. Choose existing member and use your email that is on file with us to create the login. Once complete, you can update your account info and check into classes with ease!

We are also trying to control our unneeded fees around Fury. We regularly see our operating expenses increase but we are committed to keeping you at your current rates. To help accomplish this we are asking for two things from you: let us bill all small purchases combined into a single transaction each month and consider moving your payment to ACH.

Running many small purchases electronically greatly increases our processing fees and we have the solutions! Let us put all of your day to day items like water or a shirt on your account as a balance that we then processes as a single transaction at the end of the month -or- provide us a credit(cash or check) to deduct those purchases from. This process as well as migrating all new and current members to ACH processing over CC will keep your membership fees at Fury, not some bank. These are some small changes that we are making now for big improvements down the road.

Fury is committed to you and our community here in Goodyear. As many of you may know we have a vision of building and health and fitness complex in the West Valley and our goal is to break ground in early 2018. These are steps we need to take to make sure our operation is efficient and can sustain such a venture. We are thrilled at the possibilities and our long term future in the west valley. This is entirely a team effort and each and everyone of you will play a part in this. Stay tuned for some very exciting updates over this summer and have a wonderful July!