July Spotlight Athlete of the Month – Annette Valverde

Fury would like to recognize 48 year old Annette Valverde as our July Spotlight Athlete of the Month. Annette has been a member with Fury for just over two years and credits her niece and nephew for introducing her to CrossFit. She’ll be the first to say that she feels much younger than her age of 48. Her coach says she is the sassy one in class but always shows up and works hard. Even on days running is programmed – Annette’s least favorite – she shows up and pushes herself through the workout. She has gotten to know several coaches because when something changes in her schedule she makes an effort to come in at a different time to get her workout in. Here are her responses to the questions asked of our Spotlight Athletes:

“…if you show up and work out, you’ll feel better about yourself”

What brought you to CrossFit?

Newly single, I wanted to get into shape and round is a shape but not necessarily a very attractive one. I started off in the Barber’s garage and they encouraged me to attend the Fury “Free Saturday” classes. After a few weeks of Saturdays. I decided to join.

What has impacted you the most during your time at Fury?

At first I only attended maybe two to three days out of the week saw results and I started feeling better.  However, when I started to get serious about my attendance this past November with trainer Steve I started to see my muscles being defined. I love the encouragement that I get with all the trainers here at Fury! I like the encouragement of Alyssa, Brandi, Kelly, Brittany and Cole as they put up with my humor and crazy attitude. I have also met a lot of great people here in class, who have the same goals as we push one another to give more and go harder!

“I love the encouragement that I get with all the trainers here at Fury!”

Any other comments you want to share with current or potential members?

I would encourage anyone thinking of joining Fury to come try it out and join! Here at FURY along with having a great time and feeling a sense of belonging, if you show up and work out, you’ll feel better about yourself…don’t settle! LIFE is more than sitting on the couch and thinking you can do it. You have to get up and do it! Trust me, you will have encouragement once you get here! FURY for Life!

Congratulations Annette on being named July Spotlight Athlete of the Month! Keep showing up and brightening all our days with your sense of humor.