Bob and Bo Faser

This month Fury would like to congratulate the Faser Family on being named as our Spotlight Athletes of the Month. Bob (50) and Bo (45) have been members for almost five years now and started their sons, Brody (13) and Blaise (11), last summer in Student Athlete Camps. During this past CrossFit Open, Bo and Bob received positive feedback and high praise from not just our coaching staff but also from Fury members. The support, encouragement, and honestly, downright in-your-face cheering Bo gave to Bob to get through and not give up on the grueling 17.5 Open workout (with the prescribed weight) was amazing. Both Bob and Bo are always showing support, not just for one another, but other members as well. Brody and Blaise are the oldest two of their four children. When it comes to dedication this family has heart and drive! Below are some of the questions we ask our Spotlight Athletes with each of their responses.

What brought you to CrossFit?

Bob: Bo and I had done a Body for Life (Bill Phillips) 12 Week Challenge a dozen years earlier, and we had always been talking about “getting back into fitness”, but had never been able to do anything consistently for more than a few weeks. Karen Zehtab introduced Bo to Basics at Fury, and Bo got hooked. She kept saying to me “I think you’d really like it. Just try it.” I did. I got hooked, too.

Brody – “lifting has definitely helped my overall development”

Bo: I was doing a bootcamp that I loved but Karen Zehtab kept telling me I would love Crossfit. I finally tried it and was hooked from day one. It took a few months to get Bob to try “group fitness” but once he came to Fury, he was in.

Brody: My parents had been going to Fury, so I had an interest in it. I was also a runner (Cross Country) but didn’t have much overall muscle development. I watched the CrossFit Games and had an idea of what it was about and wanted to try it for myself.

Blaise: I participated in the Jr. Student Athlete Camp last summer and am now participating in the after-school Jr. Student Athlete program. I am a club soccer player and I don’t work out my upper body that much, so Crossfit has helped increase my strength in my upper body.

What has impacted you the most during your time at Fury?

Bob: Fury’s focus on supporting each individual, while building all of us into a healthier and stronger community is awesome. I started CrossFit to lose some weight and get in better shape. I stayed because it’s helping me be a better husband and father. I wasn’t athletic as a kid, and didn’t really participate in organized sports. Now I see my whole family embracing athletics and good nutrition as something that is important to them. Thanks, Fury!

Bo: “Fury has impacted every part of our family’s life…Fury has changed the way I view myself.”

Bo: Fury has impacted every part of our family’s life. Initially it brought a new fun shared “thing” to our marriage. For the first two years we checked BTWB every night and watched videos together to learn the language and the mechanics. We still check the workout every night and if not together, text each other to commiserate about the pain. Fury has helped shape our interests and the way we use our time. Though I have always been interested in nutrition and fitness, I spent most of my life preoccupied with booze and cigarettes. CrossFit was the first thing I have found that I couldn’t do hungover; so I quit drinking. It has been nearly 5 years. I am a better example for my kids now. I want them to see how I spend my time and how hard I work instead of trying to hide from them in the backyard with a smoke and a beer! Surrounding myself with fit, driven people has given us more opportunities to participate in healthy activities as a family.

The kids love to look up recipes online and help to keep each other in check. They make sure everyone has their “pro” before their carb at breakfast and chastise each other when one has too much sugar. In fact our 13 year old recently asked the whole family to go off refined sugar and all soda for the duration of the track season. The whole family jumped in and was “clean” for 9 weeks! I even gave up Diet Coke (did I mention my addictive personality type).

Blaise – Soccer

Brody – Pitching


Blaise: “I love when my family does family workouts together at Fury or at home.”

Fury has changed the way I view myself. While I will never be a great athlete and I will always come in at the back of the pack, there is great value in physically pushing yourself beyond your expectations. There is purpose in the pain. Having coaches that demanded I do more than I thought I could and didn’t write me off because I am old or weak or have limited potential has made me a better person.

Brody: It’s given me a lot of options because the lifting has definitely helped my overall development. As an example, my track coach recently asked me to try field events (shot put, long jump, triple jump) and I was surprised to see how well I was doing compared to how I thought I would do.

Blaise: My body has gotten stronger and I am better at any sport that I want to play. I love learning new lifting techniques and putting them to the test. I also push my body more than I had ever imagined. My parents being in CrossFit has taught me a lot about nutrition. I love when my family does family workouts together at Fury or at home.

Any other comments you want to share with current or potential members?

Bob: “I thought it would be a rather intimidating fitness environment, but was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite – it is encouraging and supportive, along with being very challenging.”

Bob: I thought it would be a rather intimidating fitness environment, but was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite – it is encouraging and supportive, along with being very challenging. Though I wish I would have invested in fitness when I was younger, one advantage of starting later in life is that I’m still hitting PRs at 50!

Bo: I want potential members to know that CrossFit isn’t scary. The coaches will meet you where you are. You will be welcomed by the coaches and the members and by month two, you will be home.

I want the current members to know that I love you guys. Many of the people I am closest to in the world are those I work out with! Since there are so many of us we can’t all be close but we are definitely all a team. We have something really special here. When I see the F-bomb sticker on a car or a Breathe Later shirt, I know that I have an instant ally whether we have met or not. The community at Fury is what makes it all work.

Brody: My parents have always taught me about good nutrition (eat plenty of protein, good fats, good carbs), but recently I asked my family to stop all processed sugars completely for my track season, which was about 8 weeks long. It was rough, especially for my youngest sister, who absolutely loves sweets. I soon realized natural sugars tasted better, I felt healthier, slept better and, overall, it helped my cognitive abilities.

Blaise: It helps you create new friends and new relationships and it is fun to workout with other people. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how strong they are, everyone will always cheer you on.

Congratulations to these four on embracing CrossFit and committing to making healthier choices!