“I needed to step up my routine if I wanted to get stronger and healthier!”

Congratulations to Sally Duceatt, our April Spotlight Athlete of the Month! At age 42, Sally decided her fitness had plateaued and she needed a change in her routine. When she wasn’t seeing any gain in strength she decided to listen to her sister in-law and give CrossFit a try. After just two classes she realized it was something she would enjoy and needed in her fitness routine. Sally became motivated to stick with it to see the results. In just a short nine months Sally has boosted her self-confidence along with gaining strength and stamina. Sally always brings a chipper mood to class and is willing to put in the work. Here are her responses to some of the questions we ask our Spotlight Athletes.

What brought you to CrossFit? My Sister In Law, Aimee [Berencsi], and the fact that I wasn’t getting any stronger with my normal fitness routine. All my life I would tend to enjoy low impact fitness and most recently realized I needed to step up my routine if I wanted to get stronger and healthier! It was always a running joke on when I was going to start. Last June is when I committed to myself a new start and to maintain it with healthy eating and fitness.

What has impacted you the most during your time at Fury? It’s amazing the things I can do that I thought I had written off doing forever! I never would of even attempted them if I didn’t have the support from the Coaches at Fury. My self confidence has been impacted the most while being at Fury. I never would have thought I could do many of the things I learned since I started.

“The coaches are very patient with managing all different fitness levels. . . .This is the type of environment that motivates and encourages my fitness routine.”

Any other comments you want to share with current or potential members? It’s a great feeling coming in and leaving class. It’s a safe place away from all the crazy stuff in the world, the members and coaches have a positive outlook, and the coaches still maintain their excitement about teaching a class. The coaches are very patient with managing all different fitness levels. When I first started I was in a class with a lot of people who knew more than me and they spent extra time correcting my moves so I wouldn’t get injured. Its amazing that with as many classes going on each day how they maintain their composure, are excited and motivating. This is the type of environment that motivates and encourages my fitness routine.

I didn’t have the belief in myself that I could do something that looked so scary on the outside. After 2 classes I realized its exactly the opposite!

Great work Sally! We look forward to seeing your improvements in the next year.