Mayor Lord Proclaimed September 17th 2016 as Family Health and Fitness Day in Goodyear Arizona

Fury is proud to stand behind our current Goodyear Mayor, Georgia Lord, as she runs for a second term in the city. Elections are March 14th and we encourage all residents to do their civic duty and cast their vote. This is the single more effective way we can help create the change we wish to see in society.

Recently we interviewed Mayor Lord as to her goals for health and wellness in the city and her thoughts of our goals of developing a community center, Goodyear Performance Center in the next 3 years. Last year Mayor Lord Proclaimed September 17th 2016 as Family Health and Fitness Day which is a collaborative effort led by CrossFit Fury and Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy to get families active, healthy and enjoying fitness together.

How are you committed to improving the health and fitness of our community?

Family Health and Fitness Day Proclimation

A strong commitment to health and physical fitness are key cornerstones to building a long-lasting community with a good quality of life. In my younger days, as a model, I understood the need for exercise and a healthy diet – lessons that I still hold dear. My husband served in the United States Air Force for more than 30 years and I was with him every step of the way. I saw firsthand how important health and fitness was not only to the airmen but to their families as well. As we toured around the world stationed at different bases, I helped start swim lessons, dance classes, and many other activities to get Air Force Families active and engaged. When I moved to Pebble Creek, I committed to staying active. I helped start the dance troop and was active in performing arts. On the Goodyear City Council, I have actively supported youth and community sports, expanded park and recreation options, ensuring our streets are safe for exercise and biking, and I am very excited about the Goodyear Community Health Park. [note Peter Egyed is on the Board of Advisors for the Goodyear Community Health Park]

What do you feel is the biggest need in our city regarding health and fitness?

Our Family Health and Fitness Day 2016 getting families active and having fun!

I think our greatest opportunity comes in the form of the Goodyear Community Health Park. In response to Goodyear residents telling the city they want more outdoor space and healthy recreational opportunities, the city applied and was chosen as one of the winners of the GE Health Cities Leadership Challenge earning a $25,000 grant. The project is a collaborative partnership that includes Abrazo West Campus, Cancer Treatment Center of America, Adelante Healthcare and others to establish a governance structure and create a conceptual “master plan” for a one-of- a kind interactive health park located on the retention basins along the north side I-10. There will be exciting opportunities in fitness, action sports, wellness education, gardening, performance, and places for families to get active. In addition, the added green space will help with the long-term air quality of the city.

What would you like to see us create in the city at our Goodyear Performance Center?

Carren and I at Mayor Lord’s re-election party.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Crossfit Fury and everyone who works out at the Goodyear Performance Center for their commitment to the community as well as to health and fitness. I am always amazed by how many people find time to do Crossfit AND volunteer in so many other ways. It’s amazing to see how many lives have been changed and how you have been able to transform fitness into a business success story for Goodyear. In particular, I would like to thank Peter and Carren for everything they do to support our community. They are active in charities, supporting the arts, and partnering with the city. I am excited to see their plans for expansion in Goodyear and look forward to working with their team, city staff, and the community to make their sports, health, and fitness dreams