Fury would like to recognize David (38) and Amanda (33) Duncan, chosen as the January Spotlight Athletes of the Month. David and Amanda started their fitness journey a year ago this April. Both wanted to make improvements to their overall health and started walking for exercise. As time went on they wanted a change to their workout routine and Amanda saw on Facebook that Fury offered a new Corporate Wellness program. After taking a tour of the facility and finding out about the different options Fury offers for employers, they decided to give the Corporate Wellness program a try not just for themselves but also for their employees.

In just a short six months both Amanda and David have not only lost inches and pounds but they have made big improvements in their overall health and wellness. Changing their diet and increasing the intensity in their exercising has rewarded them greatly. Amanda has been taken off blood pressure medication and David’s joints have given him less issues. Over the past six months these two have shown commitment and support to improving not just their lives but also their employees’ lives. Here are some questions and responses from David and Amanda regarding their time at Fury.

“Current members . . . thank you for always making new members feel welcomed.”

What brought you to CrossFit?

A: We started our weight loss journey in April by just walking. We needed a change. I saw on Facebook that Fury offered a Corporate program and I said, ‘That’s what we need for ourselves and our employees.’
D: To live a healthier lifestyle.

What has impacted you the most during your time at Fury?

A: Everyone in our workout group pushing and supporting everyone.
D: The dedication and commitment my fellow coworkers have shown to joining me and my wife on our journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

Any other comments you want to share with current or potential members?

“Don’t be intimated . . . The trainers and owner Peter are very good at tailoring a fitness program around your skill set . . . “

A: Current members I want to say thank you for always making new members feel welcomed. It makes a big impact on new members walking in those doors for the first time. Potential members I say to you, give CrossFit a chance try it out. It’s for every fitness level. Peter and the trainers at CrossFit Fury truly care about each and every member. I lost 24 lbs before joining CrossFit, and after joining I’ve lost another 17 and gained amazing muscles! CrossFit has really made a healthy impact on my life. I can’t see my life without Crossfit and a year ago I would have said you’re crazy no way will CrossFit be in my life. I’ve done the weight loss before and gained back but this time CrossFit is making sure that won’t happen. I can’t thank CrossFit Fury enough for being so positive and encouraging. Before Crossfit, I had lost 4 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes. Since being with Fury I have gone down another size in both! I went from a size 18 to 8 and from a 2XL to a medium. I never promote anything I don’t believe in but now I’m always trying to get new people to try CrossFit. Your first class is always free. It’s FREE!  Do it! You might just find something worth coming back weekly for.
D: Don’t be intimated by the rumors or notions of CrossFit.  The trainers and owner Peter are very good at tailoring a fitness program around your skill set along with properly motivating you to continue to strive for a healthy lifestyle.