With the seasons changing and a few of our current training cycles come to a close, we would like to take a few minutes to share our focus and intentions as we finish out the 2016 year!

Beth sets the new gym 1k Row record at 3:39 in addition to tons of personal PR's

Beth sets the new gym 1k Row record at 3:39 in addition to tons of personal PR’s

Conditioning: Both Basics and CrossFit recently finished a 1k Row program, which lasted 9 weeks from test to retest, with an average 10 second improvement for those who logged. Additionally, we set a new Fury female PR by Beth at 3:39! Both programs will now be transitioning to a 1 Mile Run program, with time trials last week and the week of November 26th. The majority of our training will be on 400m and 800m intervals, varying near max effort intervals, or at percentages of your 1 mile pace with timed rest. We will also experiment with FARTLEK intervals every few weeks. If you did not get your mile time established last week, please do so ASAP!

Weightlifting: CrossFit is in the tail end of our waves program and over the past 10 weeks we have lifted some serious weight! Once this program is finished, we will once again test our 1 rep numbers and spend the rest of the year lifting singles and doubles at high percentages, with accessory work. As we enter the new year, you will see more cycling and power efforts in preparation for the Open!

Basics is spending the next two months cycling through 3 different Kettlebell strength sessions. This will vary between lighter unilateral work for symmetry and health, building confidence with heavier Russian swings + Squats, and finally, spending some good quality time on the Turkish Get UP! Our Prep sessions will continue to cycle through the Olympic Lifts and the slow lift strength sessions.

Also, we are very excited to roll out our Weightlifting class on Mondays at 5:30am and 5:00pm, starting November 7th! This will be an extension of the general weightlifting that is in CrossFit class, where we devote an entire hour to breaking the lifts down and lots of accessory work. This class will be open to all CrossFit and Prep members.

The fellas working HS walks

The fellas working HS walks

Gymnastics: In CrossFit, we are continuing to build your capacity to safely handle large sets of basic calisthenics. It is our goal that we can prescribe a workout like Barbara or Angie, and have it be appropriate for our general CrossFit class. Remember, the Open is coming and we are bound the see volume. Additionally, we have been building strength and confidence on the rings, which will continue, in addition to slowing building volume on our HSPU training.

In Basics, we wrapped up a great Jump Rope program and will now integrate these increased skills into a couplet of Dips, supports, and Jump Rope. As always, we will continue working on our pull-up strength and technique with a 3 part Kipping, Strict, and Eccentric lower, which will address our strength and technique for solid pull-ups.

Finally, with all this said, we can put all the thought and effort into the programs, but ultimately, it comes down to your consistency and logging. With regularly repeated efforts, it is critical that you know where to gain load, reps, or duration, so that we are continually achieving a little more. If you are not logging on Beyond the Whiteboard or a personal journal, how do you know you are improving?

Stay strong and train hard Team!