Frank MendozaCongratulations to our September Spotlight Athlete Frank Mendoza! Frank was nominated for his dedication and skill improvement over the past two years. Frank was first introduced to CrossFit through YouTube videos and after a brief start up with a smaller box he took a tour of Fury and was hooked. He has now been with Fury for just over two years and feels like he is “part of something more than just a gym.” Frank not only is part of the 5am Warriors but also has been consistently putting in time after class and on Thursdays. This has been visible in his gymnastic skills improvement as well as his weight lifting. When Frank first started with us he could barely do a squat. Once he gained mobility, his lifting benefited tremendously. Going from not being able to kip on the rings to stringing together muscle ups is something to be proud of and proves hard work pays off. Below are Frank’s responses to the questions we ask our Spotlight

What brought you to CrossFit?

I saw a few videos on YouTube and was immediately intrigued by it. I started CrossFit at a small box in Glendale but after just a couple of months I discovered that if I wanted the right training and the best facility I would have to move to FURY. I stopped for a quick tour with Aimee and never looked back.

frankWhat has impacted you the most during your time at Fury?

Since my first day I saw that I was part of something more than just a gym, I am part of a community. This place is second home for most of us, we show up at 5am play some loud music, use a lot of chalk, talk trash, and motivate each other and while achieving things we never thought possible. I have some of my best friends here and there is no other place I rather spend my free time at.

Please share any other comments you would like potential or current members to read below.

Here at Fury we have the best members, the best coaching staff and the best facility, I haven’t been to a better gym here in AZ. Finally, I’d like to thank those who selected me and to everyone who has been involved in my training, especially to my main coaches Kyle Taylor and Will Trujillo. Thank you Peter and all your staff for running a gym that has changed and will continue to change thousands and thousands of lives including mine.

Congratulations Frank on your success with Fury! We look forward to seeing your name up on those record boards.