Have you ever stopped to think how similar your CrossFit class is to so many things you do in life. Sure, it’s functional fitness and the things we do every day in our lives require the basic fundamental movements that CrossFit trains us for every time we walk through the door of our affiliate. Our dynamic warm-ups and attention to mobility and stability are creating neuromuscular patterns so that we can not only move well, but safely; and let’s not forget that when we accomplish a new skill or hit a PR that’s been evading us, in our CrossFit classes, we can carry that confidence into our careers, families, relationships and accomplish big things there too.

Sometimes though, we find similarities in the unlikeliest of places. Take for example the following list compiled by our members during the cool down part of today’s workout, 11 Ways CrossFit is Like Kindergarten:

  1. “We are all scared on our first day of class!” – Lisa Barrett


2. “There is always one kid who can’t count.” – Peter Egyed


3. “There’s usually that one kid in the corner doing their own thing” – Priscilla Tallman


4. “There’s always chalk on the floor. Everywhere!” – Kyle Taylor


5. “There’s always someone taking off their clothes” – Jen Link


6. “Sometimes you pee your pants” – Cole McGuire


7. “The coach always has to repeat themselves over and over and over again” – Jessica Thompson


8. “We all want our afternoon naps” – Jessica Thompson


9. “We get excited when we get to play games (for warm up)” – Lisa Barrett


10. “At the end of the workout, everybody wants their mommy and a glass of chocolate milk” – Cole McGuire


11. “Getting picked first for partner wod’s still feels amazing” – Priscilla Tallman


Not that anyone is complaining, because after all, we keep bringing ourselves in here day after day, week after week, enjoying our community and getting after the hard work we know leads to a healthier lifestyle – you know, since we aren’t in Kindergarten anymore it’s harder and harder to work off that glass of chocolate milk.

Can you think of any more similarities?