Athlete Tommy Vinas
Photo by Adam Bow, RX Darkroom

The Open is officially over. And what an amazing 5 weeks it was. Fury had a total of 130 people sign up for the open, our most ever. And even more people challenged themselves with the Open workouts each Friday. As the workout were released on Thursday nights we prepared to run each class through whatever Dave Castro had come up with. And you guys handled it all like champs. We saw a lot of gymnastics with plenty of first time chest-to-bar pullups, HSPU and bar muscle ups. And everyone that tackled that thruster and burpee repeat showed amazing heart and commitment. That wasn’t easy 2 years ago, the first time, but having to do it again was brutal.

Athlete Will Trujillo Photo by Adam Bow, Rx Darkroom

Athlete Will Trujillo
Photo by Adam Bow, Rx Darkroom

As we look at the results from our competitors we couldn’t be more proud of how everyone performed. After 5 weeks, and a lot of burpees, Fury has top performers in every category. Our top individual performer is Tommy Vinas. Tommy came in 2nd in our region and 99th in the world. Close behind him was Will Trujillo in 9th in our region and 365th in the world. Rebecca Mendez and Danielle Crevling are our top female competitors at 44th and 84th place in the region respectively. With nearly 300,000 total participants in the open, these scores are impressive. A year’s worth of training and hard work has paid off for these athletes.

2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Open 16.2 at CrossFit Fury, Goodyear, Arizona, March 4th, 2016

Athlete Deanna Gillespey
Photo by Adam Bow, RX Darkroom

Deana Gillespey has been working at earning a spot at the Games in the masters competition for women in the 40-44 y/o category. She placed 2nd in our region and 54th in the world. Again, these are impressive numbers in a very stacked field. Her next stage is the Masters Online Qualifier. Starting April 21st she will have 4 days to complete another group of events with video submissions. This will be more challenging than the open workouts with only the top 20 moving on to the Games. She has some work yet to do, but she is training hard to get prepared.

Things are still yet a little unclear for the team. We won’t know final standings until Crossfit sends out all of the individual invites and those scores are removed from team scores. Once that happens we will know where we place overall. The top 15 teams from each region make it to regionals. Currently we sit in 5th in our region with a lot of changes likely to happen before final team invites go out.

Athlete Danielle Crevling and Athlete Rebecca Mendez Photo by Adam Bow and Rx Darkroom

Athletes Danielle Crevling and Rebecca Mendez
Photo by Adam Bow and Rx Darkroom

Fury’s team and all of our individuals are entering the next phase of preparation for Regionals. This means more heavy work, practicing event-style workouts and refining conditioning and gymnastics. As they prepare for the trip to Texas the Bomb Squad also needs support from our Fury family. When you see them putting in long hours of training, give some positive words of encouragement. When you see them suffering through a grueling effort, cheer them on. Let them know the whole Fury Family is behind them. To help with the costs of getting everyone to Texas we also have sponsorship opportunities. Every little bit helps.

We are looking forward to our next stage and we look forward to seeing a big Fury crowd in Texas.