McKensie Hess DLOk gang, let’s talk programming and  when I say that I am talking about programming for our CrossFitters.  We have seen many of our CrossFit members attending Basics immediately following their CrossFit class and we would like to make a few points to the contrary.
We are providing a program for life, not just today or tomorrow, or one year from now but indefinitely.  Will is very methodical and forward thinking in his programming.  He has a plan for us and is programing in cycles and cycles take time.  When we program a lifting only day or a long skill specific class, there is a reason for that-GO BIG.  Lifting is exercise, just like 400m repeats, or rope climbs.  You are not weaker because you did not do everything that day. When we plan a running day, RUN and RUN FAST, if we are lifting, lift hard and lift a lot!  Currently, our Olympic Weightlifting cycle is focused on solidifying our mechanics at sub max loads. Our goal is that in every WL session you are getting a multitude or near perfect reps at percentage loads. We are building neurological pathways as well as muscles and this takes LOTS of reps. If you get to your 80% faster than others, simply do more sets than is prescribed. Consider the prescribed number of sets as a bare minimum of work loads. As long as you’re lifting strong, fast and technically sound, there is much to gain from more reps.If you need more training, the best option would be to rest for multiple hours and then return for the competitor programming in red. Additionally, we have coaches offering personalized programming to help mold what the gym is doing specifically around your goals. If you only have one trip to the gym try practicing an area or two of weakness after class. It will be more specific to YOUR GOALS. In our opinion, 90 minutes of training is really the maximum amount of time you can train for in one session without being detrimental, even then you are pushing it.
With that all being said, if you want to you are free to attend the Basics class but as a “CrossFitter” you need to be a leader in the class. Show courtesy, pay attention to the Coaches and obviously be on time. Since 2008, our programming has been evolving with the focus of your improved health and safety in mind. Remember we are already working on what you will be doing 6 months to a year from now. Making you stronger, fitter individuals!