It's a bar. Just a bar.

It’s a bar. Just a bar.

It’s just a bar.

But it’s been responsible for transformation after transformation here at Fury.

Remember the first day you walked through those doors and saw everyone doing all the things you were sure you would never do?

Remember feeling intimidated and out of breath and thinking to yourself “that was just the warm-up?”

Remember seeing the pull-up bar?

On that first day, you were sure you would never get a pull-up even though your coaches assured you that it just takes time and practice – and that with work and patience, you’d get your pull-up.

Then remember the day you got your first banded pull-up? Your first strict pull-up? Kipping?

Remember the day you strung three, then four, then five pull-ups together? Remember when you forgot about how long it took you to get a pull-up because now pull-ups weren’t your worst enemy anymore? There were more goats in the gym to tackle.

It’s just a bar, but it’s responsible for transformation. It’s responsible for helping you believe in yourself, for helping you reach your goals. It’s a reminder of where you started and where you are yet to go.

It’s responsible for reminding you that transformation doesn’t happen overnight or without hard work, sweat and sometimes tears (the ones from your eyes and the ones on your palms).

Everyone has set backs. Injuries happen. Life gets in the way.

What will you do to get back in the game?

It’s just a bar.

Priscilla Tallman is Fury’s Staff Writer and Chief Storyteller. She holds her Crossfit L1 cert as well as the CrossFit Mobility Certification and an undergraduate and graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. She teaches mobility class at Fury and is a freelance writer and blogger in her spare time. She is married with two children and in a former life played collegiate and professional volleyball.