Jen Lampe Back squatWe know we are only half way through 2015 but it is time to start training for 2016.  Our 2015 Games season ended in May and while we all need a few weeks to rest and recover, it’s time to start thinking about our goals for 2016. What are we training for in 2016? Do  you want to do the Open RX’d? Do you want to be on the Bomb Squad?  Do you want to compete in your first CrossFit competition?  All of these options are feasible and we want to help you reach your goals.  To help you do that we want to take a minute to explain our current programming options as well as some new chances to take your training to the next level.

In order to help those who would like more structured/personalized additional programming we have created 3 competitive training levels: Advanced CrossFit, Competitors, and Bomb Squad Competitors. Advanced Crossfit is for those looking to add a little extra skill and strength work into the general programming. The additional programming in red on each day’s white board post was created for those who would like to improve on skills, conditioning and lifts.  We found many people use the red programming, but not necessarily correctly.Josh coaching after WOD

The additional (aka: red) programming should be done in addition to the CrossFit programming, meaning it should be done either before or after your CrossFit class. Not in place of it.  It is meant to be an extra workout session to address weaknesses. There is no charge to take advantage of this option. Simply come in early, stay late, or complete an extra session to fit in this extra programming that will supplement the general classes.

The Competitors Group is for those who want to compete in local competitions, and for those with aspirations of making it into the Bomb Squad group. This group will work on event preparation as well as establish a solid base in all of the skill and strength movements needed for local competitions. Everyone in the Competitor Group will try out for the Bomb Squad training group to find out their major weaknesses and then work with one of our coaches’ to zero in on those weaknesses.  We have created a list of baseline skills & lifts needed to participate in this group. We will add a new class for this group on Saturdays at 10am.  Competitors will be expected to do 80% of all wods Rx’d and encouraged to register for at least 1 local competition outside of Fury.

Rebecca DB jerkThe Bomb Squad training group is for those athletes who want to compete at Regionals on an individual or team basis.  This group will be an invite only group who have tested in.  Any athlete who has competed at Regionals in the last two years will be grandfathered in however they still need to complete the test day. The test day will be held Saturday June 13th at 6am.  Coach Josh will put all potential athletes through 3 skill & lifting components and then 3 workouts.  You will need to pass at least 7 of the 9 to be in the Bomb Squad training. The Bomb Squad training group will continue to meet every Saturday at 6:30am and will be expected to do all workouts RX’d.  Bomb Squad athletes will be expected to do two-a-day workouts as well as compete in at least 3 local competitions outside of Fury to get ready for The Open. If you do not pass the test-in process this will give you a specific idea of what areas to work on in the Competition Group.

All training levels can stay at their current pricing structure or, if you would like, more personalized “red” programming we have a new option: we will discount your CrossFit membership to $115/ month and you can add $50 a month to have a coach of your choosing (based on availability) personalize the red programming weekly, specifically to improve on your weaknesses.  For example, if you currently pay $150 a month for CrossFit, your membership will discount to $115 but you will add $50 for individualized programming for a total of $165 a month.

If you have any questions regarding the new competitor program pricing or are not sure whether you should “test” for the Bomb Squad please see Josh, Peter, Will or Aimee.

Are you ready for the Bomb Squad?

LIFTS: Snatch 1RM: Men 100/Women 55

Back Squat 2RM: Men 170/Women 95

Push Press 3RM: 110/55

SKILLS: Consecutive Muscle Ups: Men 6/Women 2

Max HSPU in 1 set: Men 30/women 20

Pistols: 30 in 60 secs

Are you Ready for Competitors?

CARDIO: 50 Double unders in 1 minute

1 mile run: 7:00 men/ 8:00 women

Fran Rx’d: 5:00/6:00

LIFTS: Snatch Men 80/Women 40

10 rep OHS Men 62/Women 43

DL 1RM 160/100

SKILLS: Pull ups: 10 unbroken

Toes to Bar 10 unbroken

HSPU without scaling