muscle upOk, everyone don’t panic.  15.3 has been announced and unfortunately there are muscle ups to start the workout . To put it bluntly-it sucks and I know many of you must be very disappointed but don’t let one workout ruin your Open.  You have a choice to make-spend 14 minutes trying to get your first muscle up, scale the wod or take a zero for this wod and do a scaled version Josh and I created which we feel is better for our members .  I know this choice may be hard for some but we must be realistic.  If we do not have solid chest to bar pull ups and ring dips, we aren’t going to get muscle ups in one day, even 1 will be a challenge and repetitiously failing for 14 minutes is not fun or safe. But don’t dismay, we have a plan. Josh and I have come up with our own version of 15.3!  It will not be judged and you won’t be able to submit your score however you will get a great workout in, you will compete with your friends and YOU WILL HAVE FUN.  Not to mention we will have Yaya’s Tacos back out selling breakfast all morning on Saturday fueling you for whatever you decide to do!

So with all that being said, here is how things will go down for 15.3.  We will hold 2-3 heats Friday night starting at 6:30pm for RX’d and Scaled.  The Bomb Squad ladies will take on the wod first followed by 1-2 other heats  depending on the need for members who have to get it done Friday night. On Saturday, we will hold heats of the RX and Scaled versions from 8-10am. At 10am, we will hold a CrossFit class for anyone who would like to do Josh and I’s version of this workout aka 15.3 Version 2!  If you can’t get to the gym Friday night or Saturday morning and you need to be judged for the RX’d or scaled version, the same rules apply as past weeks.  Find your own judge and a spot in the gym where you will not be in the way and you can take on the wod on your own time.   As of right now, we are not planning any make up time slots on Monday.  If you need to do the workout on Monday, email Aimee.

15.3 Version 2:

2 rope climbs

50 wall balls (10 foot/20# for men)

(9 foot/14# for ladies)

100 double unders

On a final note, when deciding whether to RX, scale or just ditch this wod all together, remember 1 thing-why you signed up for the Open. I think most of us signed up to have fun, to compete among our friends and to support the Bomb Squad.  We aren’t trying to compete with the Rich Fronings and Camille Lablanc Bazinets of the world so don’t get hurt or beat yourself up trying.  Enjoy the Open because it is another workout at Fury, with our friends among a community we love and don’t let one workout ruin that for you.