Deana judges Teri Roberts during 15.1. We will need members to help judge throughout the morning on Saturday.

Deana judges Teri Roberts during 15.1. We will need members to help judge throughout the morning on Saturday.

Tonight, 15.2 was announced and it was a repeat from last year-overhead squats and chest to bar pull ups!  This is one of those complete a couplet under 3 minutes and you keep moving on.  It is a minimum 3 minute workout but it could be a 9, 12, maybe even 15 minute workout.  So, in an attempt to try and iron out some kinks from last week we will be adding some times to do the Open workout.  In addition to Saturdays, we will turn the 6:30pm CrossFit class on Friday night into an Open WOD class.  We will run 3 heats of 5 women and 5 men.  The first heat will start at 6:30pm followed by a second heat at 6:50 and 7:05pm.  There will be no CrossFit class at 6:30pm and if you are in the first heat, you must come early to warm up. Spots will be limited for Friday night and sign up is ‘first come first serve’.  The heat schedule for both Friday night and Saturday will be posted Friday morning at the front desk.

On Saturday, we will run the Open WOD from 8-10:30am just like last week.  On Monday we will have a 6am Open WOD hour and 4pm Open WOD hour.  These will be two additional hours but will not take the place of the CrossFit classes.  Those will be the ONLY times you can come and be guaranteed a judge. If you can’t make any of those times, you may arrange for your own judge and do the WOD whenever you want; HOWEVER, our classes take precedent over the Open and you must stay out of the way of the classes.

Just like last Saturday, you are expected to sign up Friday for your heat.  You are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your heat to warm up and be ready to go at your scheduled heat time.  On Fridays in class, we will go over the Open WOD and give you ideas on how to warm up and some strategy on how to approach the workout.  It is impossible to run a group warm up on Saturdays, so please pay attention on Friday and plan accordingly.  Please consider coming in early and staying after your heat to help judge.  Anyone can help judge, you do not have to be a “certified” CrossFit judge, but it would help if everyone watched the WOD video released with the workout and read over the standards.  Rest up everyone and see you at the gym!