Planting Day

As you know we are huge proponents of fresh and local agriculture as the main staple of our diets. Unfortunately, what is common fare at commercial stores is often grown and shipped from around the world. While there are many farmers markets in our area, we have decided to bring it home and let the community truly see and feel where their food comes from! We are incredibly excited to announce Fury Farm LLC which will be a local source for the freshest and most naturally produced agriculture in the West Valley.

We have teamed up with two local farmers with the resources and influence to make this dream happen. The project is starting on 7 acres of land just north of the gym. Our hope in the coming years is to develop it into something amazing – another step in the right direction for our food system. We look to certify the land organic after the first growing season based on demand. For now this is an all-natural operation.

Beets just beginning to sprout.

Beets just beginning to sprout.

Our first crops of beets, cabbage, carrots, chard, kale, onions, parsnips and spinach are just breaking ground. While we anticipate a great harvest of our own, we are generating momentum and gauging local interest by supplying organic produce from Rousseau Farms. This will get the ball rolling as we expand the operation through the upcoming seasons. We are taking orders starting November 8th at the Furious 7 and will be delivering boxes the following Friday November 15th.

A typical unit of produce

Typical units of produce

Boxes include 15 items (1 item = a bunch of carrots, head of cauliflower, etc…) and cost $30/box. The supply we are receiving from Rousseau Farms contains anise, rainbow and red chard, gold and red beets, cilantro, collards, broccoli, black and red kale, green and red cabbage, Italian parsley, cauliflower, oranges and grapefruit – all items supplied by Rousseau Farms are certified organic.

EBTOur goal is to supply the local community with the best quality food as well as educate our current and future generations to the realities of our food supply. It is our mission that everyone has access to quality nutrition regardless of external factors – this happens by setting our prices in line with what is paid at Sprouts and other supermarkets. As this program grows we hope to supply our surplus to families who need assistance but have few healthy options.


For more information please speak with us in the gym or email Together we can turn a field of dirt into a field of dreams.