10407597_10152866616063033_5524457128186684070_nThe Furious 7 is in the books and after the dust settled there was no swim WOD, there was a surprise run but it didn’t kick off the event and for the first time in any competition (that we know of) there was a blindfolded rock wall climb!

The day started with the rotation of the 3 announced wods and the surprise floater-the rock wall climb.  Athletes figured out the rock wall pretty fast as it was erected as they pulled into the complex.  But what they didn’t know was the Healthy Life Family Medicine headbands they were handed upon check in would have another purpose-a blindfold. While some teams struggled other teams flew up the wall in under a minute. It seems the teams from Flagstaff know how to climb as one of their male teams, Steve and Justin, took first with a climb of 36 seconds and one of their female teams, Bring the Noise (Krystin & Brooke) did it in 1:08.  First place overall went to a Coed team, Team Urban, with a time of 30 seconds flat!

10700383_10152152561387185_4699246484830180637_oAfter 4 grueling wods and a lunch break, event organizer, Josh MacDonald, finally gave them all what they had been waiting for-the surprise run event.  Unlike years past, the run did not start the day and it wasn’t one long run.  On 3,2,1 go teams had 12 minutes to alternate running 300 meters around our warehouse for a total of 10 laps.  Some teams finished well under the 12 minute cap while some choose to only run 1 lap and save themselves for what followed. At the 12 minute mark, teams had 2 minutes to get as many dumbbell ground to overhead as they could.  EVCF Tigers finished first in the run with a time of 10:28 and 1st in the dumbbell snatch with a total of 70.  CrossFit Blur came in first in the Male division with a smoking time of 9:51 but it was the Lumberjacked team from CrossFit Flagstaff taking 1st in the Dumbbells with a total of 71.  CrossFit Show Low proved they could handle both in the COED division taking first in the run with 10:31 and dumbbells with 69.

After the run/dumbbell event, the field of 150 teams was cut to the top 8 teams per division and they faced the Winner Take ALL final- heavy deadlift holds and rope climbs. Heading into the 6 minute workout only 1 first place team was able to hold on to the position to win the entire event.

Screenshot 2014-11-10 14.22.34In the workout, one person did 2  deadlifts (242 for women, 242/330 for coeds and 352 for men) then held the deadlift so the other partner could start rope climbs.  The team with the most rope climbs won.  The first place teams were given the full 6 minutes, the second place team started 20 seconds later, third place 40 seconds and fourth through eighth all started 1 minute later.

In the Female division, The EVCF Tigers dominated most of the day taking first in the 100s, Chipper, the run and the dumbbell events.  They finished second in the thruster wod and 4th in the floater.  In the final they compiled an impressive 17 rope climbs to seal the win.  LEZSAM came in second with 14 climbs and CF NOW took third with 13 climbs.  The COED division had more movement in the leader board throughout the day with CrossFit Show Low coming out on top after 4 events, however it was an impressive rope climb performance by the Eric Stewart of Team URBAN that sealed their first place finish.  Stewart managed 8 rope climbs during his partner, Samantha Schander’s first hold to surpass the first three teams and finish with 17 climbs. EVCF Darst Vaders took second with 15 rope climbs and CrossFit Fury’s own, Katie Jo Peterson and Saxon Yandell (the Average Joes) came in third with 13 rope climbs.  The men’s division also had a dramatic finish with 4th place team, Incendia Outlaw, edging out two other teams by just 1 climb to win the WOD and thus the day with 14 climbs.   Team Solution and the Free Rangers both tied for second with 13 rope climbs.


For the complete final standings:

Women’s Final Standings

Men’s Final Standings

COED Final Standings

All and all it was an exciting day of great competition and we can’t thank the athletes, judges, volunteers and our amazing sponsors for making it happen!   Our title sponsors deserve a huge thank you because without them, Healthy Life Family Medicine and Tru Strength Fabrications,  we would not have had the warm up area, rock walls, and amazing prize bags!  Thank you and we will see you next year for Furious 8!





Thank you to all those who came out and competed in