This week at Fury we will be implementing a new training strategy. As a gym we will be taking a forced de-load week. This means we are dialing back the intensity and volume to allow some much needed recovery.

Now, don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you wont get a good workout or you can skip the gym for a week. Quite the opposite, we need you more than ever for a few reasons. First, we are going to focus on restorative mobility and hopefully share a few strategies you can implement long term. Secondly, active recovery is the best recovery. We will guide you through some shorter less intense workouts. This will help you heal and also get a sense for pacing in the future. We really hope to show you how to listen to the signals your body is sending and how to react appropriately.

Our goal is to hit a neurological and physiological reset button to allow us to enter a new strength and conditioning cycle full force. So please join us as we start a new trend in not only getting stronger as a group but also recovering as a group. Have a great “de-load” week!