photo 1 (1)Today was a bit like Christmas at Fury. We got in a shipment of new plates to replace the collection of broken and damaged plates in the back room. We have 19 new 10kg plates and 7 new 20 kg plates. Hopefully we now have enough plates to make sure that even our biggest classes can lift heavy every day.

To keep these plates around and useful for as long as possible we ask that you consider a few things when using them. First, the green 10 kg plates are pretty thin and we all know how they can fold and bend when dropped carelessly. They are not meant to support more than 4 additional kilos on each side. If you need to add on a 5kg plate, please switch out to the yellow 15s.

photo 4If you are doing singles or a lifting complex, feel free to drop the weights. But do so with some caution. Follow the bar down past waist height before letting go. This ensures that the bar lands evenly and safely. When you release from overhead and the bar tends to take on a life of its own. It isn’t good for the plates, or more importantly your neighbor, for them to bend and shoot off to the side.

The plates are designed to be dropped but they aren’t designed to be thrown to the floor and bounced on their face. They don’t need to be treated with kid gloves, but try not to drop them from overhead (i.e. after 50 feet of overhead lunge steps.)

We are constantly trying to improve Fury’s facilities and equipment to be a top notch strength and conditioning gym. Help us meet your needs by treating the equipment well and ensuring that it will be around for as long as possible.