TeamFuryWe are just days away from the 2014 South West Regionals! Here is a little heads up for the support crew making the trip to the beautiful land of Utah. While the competition will be held indoors we will be setting up a base camp outdoors where the athletes will recover and prepare for their next events and this location is open for all of you and your gear as well. We are offering to pack chairs and basic gear while their is room available in the vehicle driving up Wednesday. If you would like to get in on this, contact the front desk and get your stuff in the third bay.

As for attire, wear your red shirts on Friday, black shirts on Saturday and any Fury shirt on Sunday so that you match the Team. Plan on bringing workout clothes for a lunchtime WOD as well as packing your jump rope. Finally, be ready to have the time of your life and cheering your hearts out for these competitors as they give it their all this weekend! Sunday night we will be hosting an after party at the Team house!