kids campIt’s that time of year again; summer camp for kids! With all the new resources we have gained over time, it’s going to be a blast! This year we will be offering a Kids Fury Camp for our younger  members (5-13) as well as the Student Athlete Camp for our high schoolers (14-17).

Fury Kids Camp will run 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday and will run in 1 week segments. Each day  will consist of two physical activities varying between skills, mini WODs, team events and games. In  addition to utilizing their endless energy, we will provide a healthy Paleo themed snack with a handful of practical information regarding healthy eating. Finally, each day will consist of art/creative time in large group, small group and individual time. The camp will be run by Prep Coach and elementary school teacher Cole McGuire along with his wife Alyssa, one of our former daycare employees.

kids eating 2Our Student Athlete Camp will prepare your young adults to dominate on and off the field and sports court.  It will run 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in 2, 8 week segments. Our goal  is to continue our Student Athlete’s progress during the off season with a program focused on  Olympic Weightlifting and explosive power, as well as general conditioning and bodyweight mastery.  Injury prevention and nutrition for performance will be our education into practice portion. Will  Trujillo will lead this program with assistance from Alfred Rohde as needed.

sa campFury Kids Camp will run May 26-29 from 8:00-12:00 PM and will cost $100 (10% off for multiple  children). June and July dates for Kids Fury Camp are yet to be determined. The Student Athlete camp will  run from 9:00-10:30 AM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays beginning June 3rd with an off week from June 30-July 4; the cost will be $250 for eight weeks or $150 for four weeks.