The Bomb Squad divas crossed the finish line together at 3 hours and 16 minutes placing them first overall in the IMS Marathon  Relay.

The Bomb Squad divas crossed the finish line together at 3 hours and 16 minutes placing them first overall in the IMS Marathon Relay.

This past weekend, Susie Kuhler, Tracy Burns, Katie Jo Peterson and Jennifer Boswell competed in the IMS Marathon relay that took place in the West Valley. Of the 34 teams who competed in the marathon relay, the Bomb Squad Divas finished in first place with an overall time of 3:16:34 with an average pace time of 7:30/mile.

Susie Kuhler, who put the team together, took the first leg of the relay for 7.1 miles with a strong 7:26/mile pace start. Katie Jo Peterson, continued with a similar pace and tackled 6.1 miles where she met Jen Boswell for the next transition and the longest leg of the relay. Jen crushed 8.85 miles with a pace time of 7:10/mile and set up a determined Tracy Burns for the 4.2 mile finish.

“I put together a team that I thought could win” said Kuhler of her team’s first place finish. Their strategy was based on the strengths and comfort levels of each runner. Both having done half-marathons in the past, Kuhler and Boswell felt comfortable taking on the longer mile legs.

Peterson and Burns, both strong runners were able to hold a solid pace with their shorter mileage which kept the Divas out in front.

“They said don’t let anyone pass you and I didn’t. Not one person” says Burns of her strategy for the last leg of the relay.

But training for the relay did not come easy for the foursome. Troubled with nagging injuries and conflicting schedules, three of the four admit that their training was sometimes as little as one run a week.

But despite not hammering out several runs a week, each member of the Bomb Squad Divas continued with their CrossFit workouts and attest that the strength training was a big factor in their finish this year and in the overall development of their running.

“The essence of CrossFit is to prepare us for the unknown and unexpected, to be ready for anything – making us more well-rounded athletes,” said Peterson who competed in the IMS Marathon in 2012,  on a co-ed team from Fury that took third place.

The team hopes to compete together again and looks forward to defending their title on the podium next year. “It would be awesome if Fury could field several teams next year and take over the relay division,” says Boswell of future IMS aspirations.

“We are very proud of these ladies, not only did they run a great race at a competitive pace, they defended our title (last year Fury’s all guys team won the relay with a  time of 3:06). Next year, we hope to have an all guys and all ladies team win in their respective divisions,” Aimee Berencsi.