bars outIt sounds like nagging, and it kind of is.  Clean up after yourself.  We are blessed to have an amazing facility for training.  Fury has an abundance of space and more equipment than you could possibly need.  We also have the opportunity to come in our own and get in extra work during open gym times, detention, and sometimes just when the mood strikes us.  But your mother does not live here.

If you pull something out, put it away.  If you find something that isn’t where it is supposed to be, take 2 seconds and put it back in its place.  Chances are, if you are capable of pulling out 8 plates for some extra lifting, you are also capable of putting them away when done.  That means the bar and clips too.  The bars have a great storage rack (not on the blocks) and the clips all go in a central location.

clothes out2Your abmat will not sprout legs and put itself away, it relies on you for that.  Unless someone is literally taking the equipment from you to use it, you should put it back where it belongs.  When working out, keep your space neat and orderly.  When changing out plates or shoes, set things aside neatly.  Don’t leave your things in a walkway or where someone working out may trip or fall on them.

This is more than just a rant from a organized dad.  This is a safety concern.  A recent tragic accident involving Kevin Ogar led to a serious and life changing injury.  The accident was due, at least in part, to equipment being out and in his space while he was lifting max loads.  When he failed the bar bounced off of the extra plates and back into him.  This was an isolated incident that is nearly unheard of, but it happened and we can learn from it.

When we leave things out it is not only an issue of respect for the space and equipment, but it is also a danger to yourself and others.  Accidents can happen in an instance, and an errant bouncing barbell or trip on a plate can lead to a turned ankle, broken leg or something much worse.

Please put your things away when you are done.  While you are working out, keep your space neat and organized.  It shows respect for the amazing space and equipment we have, but more importantly it shows a concern for the safety of ourselves and those around us.