Indian garden picWith the success of our social events, usually benefiting someone or something, we thought why not get together just for the fun of it? So we are kicking it off with an idea to explore some of the local hidden gems we have in our community. Our goal is one night a month or so, chose a local establishment based on quality of food, service etc. Then we pick a night to all go have dinner there (over a 2-3 hr window) and together show some Fury support.

Our first pick is India Garden and is located right next to Sprouts. This restaurant has been around for 2+ years and serves an Indian Cusine of Beef, Lamb, or Chicken cooked in a variety of sauces and vegetables and served with an authentic Basmati rice (hey its a rest day!). The service is stellar and really they care about you getting a good meal. If you’re available, please join us for dinner or just something light between 6-8pm this Thursday the 19th.

Also if you have suggestions for a potential establishment for a future venue we are all ears!